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Oration Of Deathrashing Qliphothic Revelation: ORATOR (BD)

 ORATOR, Deathrashing cult of primal occultism, from Bangladesh, perhaps need no introduction in worldwide extreme underground, The band that was formed from the ashes of Barzak, obscure Black/Death Act from Dhaka. Barzak  was formed as early as 2003 and had short but very meaningful role in evolving the scene of Dhaka extreme metal. Barzak  released one demo 'Opocheshta' in 2005, followed by a Full length 'Qabiluhu' in 2006. Also an unreleased demo named 'Narabali', As Barzak  ends its journey and Orator ascends from the tomb of Barzak's grave, US based Butchered Records(Severed Records) put down all Barzak songs into a self titled compilation that includes tracks from 'Narabali' demo.Orator  have risen strength to strength upholding the flag of extreme death/thrash, validating the existent of true fucking metal in Bangladesh, and for that matter in south Asia. They played strength to strength alongside Extreme Metal Acts  par extraordinaire like Manzer(France), Infernal Curse(Ar) and Abigail(Jp). Orator released its 2010 EP, much acclaimed 'Dominion Of Avaktyam'  under Legion Of Death Records and one live tape ."Live Cremetoration" under Eternal Transmigration records, limited to only 218 copies, which was recorded during their performance at Cursed Crematoration festival, in Dhaka early 2011. Orator  is presently writing their upcoming full length to be released under French Record Label, Armée De La Mort Records. Rimon Paul Chowdhury  of Putrid Ascendancy  recently spoke to Skullbearer, Guitarist/Vocalist and the Co-founder of Orator (and Barzak). Here is a brief conversation with the man with stern ideologies and inspiring principles, one of the musicians we really look upto with respect and pride. We present you SKULLBEARER!
Official Logo By Artist Itmam Waheed Choudhury

P.A: Greetings!! Now before we start the interview, would it be possible to give our readers a brief history of Orator, its formation and ex member/s?

Skullbearer: It was around late 2008 when Orator was formed by me, Skullbearer and Vritra Ahi. Shortly after formation Daarbesh was hired as the drummer who blistered the first EP. Mephistopheles joined in as Daarbesh left the band around mid 2010.
Barzak Line Up 2006
P.A: Orator was previously known as Barzak, so what was the reason behind the change of names? Does it have any connection with the progression of the musical styles which you were hoping to achieve?

Skullbearer:  I had to put an end to the name Barzak because after I met Vritra we decided to focus more on thrash/death styled metal music as opposed to what we did with Barzak. So yes, the change of musical orientation has much to do with the name change.

P.A: The Ep "Dominion of Avyaktam" is quite clearly influenced by Tantric Occultism, now can you tell us what influenced you to tread on the tantric and left hand ideologies?

Skullbearer: It is the sheer curiosity to know and musically walk the path that lures a fireborn from materialist norms to astral abnormalities of opposition and self becoming, motivated us to orate on the left hand Tantrism and Qliphoth gnosis.  

 P.A: After hearing Dominion Of Avyaktam one thing that really strikes the listeners is the precise use of Ethnic instruments, it really creates a perfect balance between the death\thrash assault and cultural influence. Now can you tell us why were the traditional instruments added?

Skullbearer: Thanks for the kind words. The only ethnic instrument we used was called a “Pakhwaz” and it really added the destructive vibes we wanted in some of the songs. 

P.A: Orator's music always been enriched with dense ideologies and strong point of view, I am really curious about whole song writing procedure.

Skullbearer: Vritra and I come up with riffs and then we let Mephistopheles cast the drumming devastation. But while composing we keep the songs lyrical standpoints in mind. This helps formulate riffs in the vein of a song’s conceptual mongering.

P.A: What about the musical influences that has inspired Orator to spew forth it's own brand of sonic obscenity?

Skullbearer: 80’s thrash acts such as Razor, Onslaught, Sadus and the entire 80’s-90’s Scandinavian and South American Old School Death metal scenes are on our influence list.  

P.A: How’s it working with a manager residing in another country?

Skullbearer: Sandesh, he is doing his parts very well despite being in another country. We thank him for all his supports and enthusiasms for Orator.

P.A: You guys have played beside many international acts like Infernal Curse, Manzer and Abigail.. In Dhaka and Bangkok, How’s the scene back in Bangkok?

Skullbearer:Bangkok is a promising land for Metal and growing up to be a strong scene with so many good bands and comrades with the fucking metal guts as required. And the crowds are ever cheering and enthusiastic. We enjoyed the gig in Bangkok which was also our debut live performance.

P.A: If you are granted three wishes related to Orator, what would they be?

Skullbearer: More releases, more international gigs and a never ending supply of beers.

P.A: Now coming back to Bangladesh, your country has a great scene. So can you tell us how it all started and most importantly when did this underground extreme metal movement start taking shape since outside Bangladesh people mostly relate Bangladeshi Scene with progressive bands like Artcell and Aurthoheen?

Skullbearer: The scene in Bangladesh was very much underground at its birth in the mid 80’s with band like Rock Strata and some more. But from the mid 90’s some ultra commercial mainstream labels grabbed the scene tight enough to change it to a poseur heaven full of technical craps and money craving faggotism. But it’s true that the scene is reforming, people are recognizing the ultimate and primal form of metal and many dedicated old school bands are coming out lately. This is a dire omen for the local metal fags that we so despise.

P.A: Previously Orator was signed by German extreme metal label- Barbarian Wrath; presently you guys have a different record deal with Armée de la Mort Records. What made Orator switch over to new label?

Skullbearer: Barbarian Wrath is indeed a big label and Black Goat is a nice person who is also supporting us financially. But we had to change the label because of some personal difficulties at his end. Armée de la Mort is owned by none other than our blood brother Shaxul and we are proud to work with him once again.

P.A: Orator visited India, in the city of Bangalore, for Trendslaughter festival. And we know how cruelly you guys destroyed the stage. Can you describe the whole experience? Any special memories? Any favorite Act over here in India, Orator like?

Skullbearer: Surely that was a hauntingly memorable tour. And, there are several special memories, the surprising welcome party (with flowers) at the bar before the night of the gig, the gig itself and the vodka madness at Sandesh’s place.
Definitely Dying Embrace, although not in Orator’s vein, is one of my favorite acts hailing from India and always will remain so. Culminant has a promising live performance with strong vocals and thrashing stanch in their music.

P.A: Vritra (Cezzane) has been an active member of the renowned cult of Primitive Invocation, What has been the impact of Primitive Invocation in the development of the metal underground in Dhaka?

Skullbearer: Primitive invocation has turned the local scene upside down. They arrange concerts summoning foreign cult acts, published the very first Metal zine in Bangladesh under the same name and recently they have started a metal distro in Dhaka. Vritra and the comrades involved with Primitive Invocation are making the scene both strong and an internationally recognized one. Orator supports their cause totally.

Vritra Ahi

P.A: The Indian fans are pretty curious about what’s coming next from you guys, so far we have heard new track called 'Serpentrident' and as usual it left us asking for more.. so what can we expect next from Orator?
Skullbearer: The track is no more called Serpentrident though. Our fanatics in mighty India can expect nothing but straight up thrashend death with occult flavors of oriental music on our upcoming full length and further demos and EP’s. 

P.A: The new logo looks even more sinister and detailed. Congratulation.

Skullbearer: Thanks. Yes it is enhanced by brother Itmam, a true Orator enthusiast and supporter.


P.A: We have always had this fixation when it comes to asking other individuals about their top 5 albums of all time. So do us this favor by letting us know about your personal favorites?

Skullbearer: Merciless – The awakening, Sorcery- Blood chilling tales, Cabal - Midian, Shub Niggurath – The Kinglike celebration, Entombed – Left hand path, Sadus - A Vision of Misery, Megaslaughter – Call from the beyond and frankly speaking a thousand more.

P.A: Last but not the least what’s your take on this old school revival that is slowly on its way to becoming another trend for few people? What are the new bands Orator adore and listen to?

Skullbearer: It is a great sense of pride that we are now living the time of global reawakening of the old school death cult. You see that bands like Vanhelgd, Disma, Cryptbron, Stench of decay, Morbid Flesh, Unconsecrated and countless more are really bringing back the lost glory of death worship. Old School Death shall forever triumph back to reality to cast unrealism upon the falsehood of pseudo metal.

Dominion Of Avaktyam
P.A: We, brothers at Putrid Ascendancy, want to thank you for your precious time and support! We really wish Orator all the best for its future endeavors.. Hails.

Skullbearer: Thank you. Hails.

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Genre- Death/Thrash Metal
Label- Armée de la Mort Records

Skullbrearer - Guitars/Vocals
Vritra Ahi - Bass
Mephistopheles - Drums

Daarbesh- Drums(Ex)

Website- http://www.myspace.com/crematorations
Press Contact- crematoration@yahoo.com
Metal Archive- http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Orator/3540300753

Putrid Ascendancy wants to express its gratitude to Skullbearer and Orator for his time and the interview.

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