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Nuclear Winter - Warborne Assault (EP) Review

Band - Nuclear Winter
Country - Bangladesh
Genre - Thrash Metal
Release - Warborne Assault
Type - EP
Label - Wartorn Records
Date of Release - 17th January, 2013

1 - Nuke 'Em Back To The Stone Age
2 - Father Of All Bombs
3 - Sacred Warfare
4 - Idol Of The Blinds
5 - Not A Step Back (Order No. 227)

Total Playing Time - 15 Minutes 

Thrash is not a very easy genre to make a mark in. One can argue that all the major innovations in the style were done in the 80's, the decade that gave birth to the genre. However true that may be, it must be stated that thrash in the modern day is a genre that is full of copy-cats that lack originality and just want to do the same thing that the next band is doing. To put it bluntly, most thrash bands just look the same and sound the same. In fact, the most unfortunate thing is that I can pick a random band from Spain and pair them up with a band from Canada, and they could have both been from the same den in the west coast of the USA. 

Nuclear Winter are not just another ripple in the endless stream, however. Right from the outset, the band differentiate themselves with their dark sounding, gritty production that manages to be clean at the same time. The guitar tone bursts out the gates like a battering ram, crashing into everything and beating the opposition into submission, while the drumming provides a constant barrage of bullets to aid the assault. The bass has a healthy clunky tone that is a bit behind in the mix but is not without its own presence as it adds another layer of heaviness to the overall mix, and helping create the ultimate aura of endless warfare taking place before our very eyes.. or ears, in this case. Speaking of war, the vocal performance by Reza is akin to a general barking orders from the trenches, but never hesitating to fire some rounds himself. 

The music is played out at breakneck tempos throughout, sometimes giving way for a mid-tempo approach, but never ever slowing down. The riffage leads the way forward, armed with the great tone as mentioned earlier, with the tight rhythm section giving the aggression a contained and compacted feel. The overall effect is devastating, when the sounds of war break through your speakers. In the midst of all this high speed metal madness, a guitar solo drops in and makes its presence known every now and then to keep this Bangla blitzkrieg marching forward. It is really something to behold, and if you don't sing along to the choruses when you witness this band live... you shouldn't be at the gig in the first place. I know I will personally go apefuckingshit when I some day am blessed enough to see them live.

The songs are all well balanced. The first track, the promo single, starts off in crushing fashion and eventually leads way to the band's trademark fast tempos and barking vocal style. Father Of All Bombs is a short but sweet effort clocking in around two minutes with some interesting riffage and an addictive chorus section. This song will have you guzzling beer can after beer can while smashing your heads against the stage. The next two songs – Sacred Warfare, and Idol of the Blinds – are notably more nefarious in nature, with some harsher vocal styles on display as well as some riffs that wouldn't be out of place on a death/thrash song. These two songs make it clear to the listener that this band brings variety to the table as well, before the EP finally closes off with a sick crossover influenced track in Not A Step Back (Order No. 227). This last one finishes as soon as it begins, leaving behind a mass of collateral damage in its wake. 

Musically, you would be pretty ill-informed to claim that this band is a Sodom worship band just after reading their name. Their influences upon the initial listenings, vary from the aforementioned German thrash masters to acts such as Destruction, Exodus, Sacred Reich, Sacrifice and Morbid Saint. However they are not any generic retro-homage to 80's acts. At the end of the day, Nuclear Winter just provide an eclectic mix of elements of their favorite bands, and manage to create their own sound in the process.

Putrid Ascendancy strongly recommends!! 


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REVIEW : One Hand One Foot and a Lot of Teeth - DEATH BY DAWN

Release Date - May 22nd, 2006 Label - STF records

Country - M√ľnster, North Rhine-Westphaliap

Death by Dawn is a very overlooked band in the thrash death genre leaning closer to thrash. With vocals by Martin Van Drunen we all know that part is well taken care of. the music is not his normal forte except maybe Comecon stuffs. the production is pretty raw and the album is equally as comparable to their demos, earlier and later. I hear a bit of punk and hardcore influences at times as well. When I listen to this album I wonder how something so fucking awesome could be so overlooked, especially with the caliber of musicians and vocals. STF was a relatively small label so I am thinking they might have not pressed many but its a shame. any fans of thrash/death in the vein of Comecon or Pestilence.

The nicotine lobby is by far my favorite track on the album just because of the brutal beginning and the vocals. there isn't a bad song on the album and if you haven't heard this you are missing a very solid album. I do not do in depth reviews or embellish as I leave that for you to decide.this is basically just to get your attention to listen to a very fucking good album you might not know about.


1. Divorced, Conicted, Fired 03:41

2. A Day Without the Band 06:17

3. Profit 04:16

4. Parliament of Decadence04:56

5. The Nicotine Lobby 05:48

6. The Deceiver Silenced 04:34

7. Welfare Paradise 04:50

8. State Paranoia 04:03

9. Not Afraid to Die 08:29 
 Reviewer - Jeff  Fischer

Thursday, November 29, 2012

REVIEW - ALTAR (SWE) No Flesh Shall Be Spared (Demo)

When exploring the subterranean realms of the genre we call “death metal” one finds a lot of gems, most of them unpolished and likely never to see the light of day. Indeed, these realms are inhabited by a loyal, chosen few who are dedicated to the finding of such gems, searching the caverns for whatever they can find. Albums, LP's, EP's, demos, live recording, splits. Everything goes. One of the most populated caves within this unholy underground land is that of Swedish Death Metal. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Old School Death Metal knows what Sweden is all about. Gut ripping chainsaw guitar tones, primitive neanderthal vocal deliveries, beastly animal like drumming, gurgling distorted bass-lines all blend in together seamlessly and deliver a type of death metal that is so simple, yet so addictive. Technicality is shunned for pure brutality. And with this we come to one of the many gems of Swedish Death Metal – Altar's No Flesh Shall Be Spared demo.

Entering the fray in 1991, this demo differs a bit from its counterparts and their interpretation of the style, while being completely within the confines of Swedish Death Metal. The chunky, Baphomet-esque riffs hack away at your limbs with utmost glee, as the demo lives up to its promise of not sparing any flesh. Baphomet is not the only reference point for this mind you, Bolt Thrower and Autopsy influences collide in equal parts and the result is some headbang-friendly compositional randomness – inherently present, however, in most if not all Swedeath. The drumwork smoothly transitions from grooves to blasts to d-beats to crushing double bass assaults, sometimes giving you a different beat than what you would expect on a riff that further gives the band a feel of its own independent of other Swedeath bands. Everything is here, the bass provides the low end as expected and the icing on the cake if of course the ghastly vocal delivery ultimately ensures that every moment is just quite simply downright fun as fuck, and disgustingly filthy at the same time – it's like watching a group of girls have a mudfight.

In terms of production, this is pretty solid for what is supposedly a demo. The clarity here stands at contrast with other demos of the time, which gives it an even more crushing vibe. The classic Swedeath demo murkiness remains a standpoint of the production though the chainsaw sound is lacking, instead containing more of a British – Benediction, Bolt Thrower – type rounded and thick guitar tone. Though, there is nothing wrong with that! Overall this is how DM is supposed to sound. Like something out of a classic horror flick, not something out of someone's arse - which is how most modern death metal production sounds like to be fairly honest, a mass congregation of farts intermingling with each other and creating one massive uber-fart.... but that is another story. My only gripe with the production is that the snare sound becomes a bit annoying at times but for a demo it's very cool how the mixing is done in a way that makes everything very clear.

There's not a whole of negatives here in all honesty. They seemed about ready to release an album – a badass one at that. However, compositionally they don't come off as being as mature as Entombed or Grave – they seem more interested in delivering one headbanging riff after another and being as unpredictable as possible than following any strict way of doing things. However it becomes clear after a few listens that they at the time pershaps were lacking the maturity to piece all the ingredients together. None of the songs on the demo are instantly memorable, though they do grab your attention and make you want to give it spin after spin until the songs are embedded inside your brain. But as I have stated before, this is massively fun stuff. Recommended for fans of Swedish Death Metal and also fans of Baphomet and Bolt Thrower. 8/ 10 ! I envy anyone who saw this band live back in the day.

- Hassan Umer Amin

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The Northern Hymns Of Zarathustran Moon : Black Metal Compilation

Putrid Ascendancy compiles some some of the classic frostbitten back metal tunes. A cold and treacherous call from northern ancestry. 

Mediafire :

Team: Putrid Ascendancy

Note: This compilation is for promotional purpose for extreme black and death metal. PA encourages listeners to buy original music if audiences like anything compiled in this album.

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We at Putrid ascendancy recently caught up with Vanessa Nocera of the horror/doom metal band WOODEN STAKE. Contained herein are extracts of the interview, where Vanessa tells us about her music, influences, and the scene back home.

PA: Across countries, continents, pervading oceans and language barriers, the love for extreme metal unites us. Hails from Putrid Ascendancy! Let’s begin with a brief introduction of Wooden Stake, in your own words.

Vanessa: We are a doom/death band that strives to not sound like anything you’ve ever heard.

PA:What releases have you produced so far, and where are you taking the band at this time? What’s next for Wooden Stake?

Vanessa: We’ve had many releases on many different labels around the world. Our first was a MCD “Vampire Plague Exorcism” released on my Razorback Recordings sub-label called Hexamorphosis Productions. Next was a split 7” with Druid Lord with the song “In the Godless Moonlight” released by Altsphere Productions based out of France. Then we were offered to release our “Invoke the Ageless Witch” 7” with Sarlacc Productions from Ireland. We then did a split CD with Blizaro, our full-length album “Dungeon Prayers &Tombyard Serenades”, another 7” with Sorcerer’s Pledge Records from Germany called “Black Caped Carnivore”, and finally our compilation album “At the Stroke of Midnight”. All CDs (except “Vampire Plague Exorcism”) and “Black Caped Carnivore” are still available through Razorback Recordings’ website.

PA:What are the lyrical themes knitting together your materials? What are the general messages you want to convey to the masses through your music?

Vanessa: The themes in the lyrics are a mix of occult themes, Satanism, folklore, horror comics, horror movies, horror novels, and the dark arts. I’m very much influenced by story tellers and I’ve always loved King Diamond for this aspect, so I try to convey that in the lyrics and music. I tell a story with the lyrics but my voice as well.

PA:What would you define as ‘success’ for your music? What in your opinion are a few essentials for newer bands to keep in mind while making their music to remain sincere to the genre, and its pioneers?

Vanessa: A lot of people start out to make something of his or herself in music and if that fails they take another path, even if it’s compromising to who they are and what they want to do. I would advise to never compromise and to instead sharpen what you set out to do in the first place.

PA: Is Wooden Stake a catharsis of your feelings?

Vanessa: Definitely! When I’m singing, screaming, growling, howling, screeching, or hissing I am letting out the turmoil that I’ve let dwell in me for years; it’s healthy catharsis. I’m most creative in Wooden Stake as far as vocals because it’s more involved than just death metal growling (which can be a tricky talent within itself). I make sure that pain comes through as well as vengeance in my voice.

PA: Do you think heavy metal as a genre has a distinct world view? How in your opinion, does traditional doom metal’s ideology vary from other newer doom metal sub genres?

Vanessa: I’m not someone who categorizes music to the T. I guess there are such things as sludge, stoner, and so on, but to me it’s just doom. For other subgenres of metal it gets more tedious than doom, but many of the subgenres of doom are just doom to me. A lot of bands’ content is interesting, but not enough to keep me wanting more. I’m totally into evil shit! I want Satan, witches, curses, Voodoo, etc. in my themes or I feel like I might as well be listening to Huey Lewis and the News or something like that.

PA:For a musician in this time who has understood his own experience, what are the most important aspects of art? What according to you, does your music portray?

Vanessa: Art should be thought provoking, somewhat intellectual, and have a meaning even if it’s metaphorical and the listener gets a different meaning than the creator. I think my music portrays anger, but also sadness and pain. There is a lot going on. Not too much happiness, but there is a time and place for everything and happiness doesn’t fit in too well.

PA: Growing up in an era, mainly dominated by extreme metal, how would you define the change in the atmosphere of the metal community world wide?

Vanessa: Metal is an ever-changing world, haha! Growing up, I was allowed to listen to metal, but when people found out my parents were letting me buy these tapes at such a young age my parents caught some grief over it. It’s still looked on as being for “lowlife” people in the mainstream, but it has become more acceptable because of how it makes its way into pop culture.

PA: What in your opinion are the weaknesses of old school extreme metal? How do you overcome this?

Vanessa: I guess something that I hear in so many bands that have an old school influence is that they start to sound the same after a while. There will be one aspect that makes them stand out from the rest, but it’s not showcased enough in the music. Running a record label I am exposed to many great demos and then there are some that I like, but I want more from the band. It’s really, REALLY rare I get a demo and take it out of the player after 30 seconds. I give everything a chance, but sounding the same is something I’ve observed from bands lately, or having an arrogant attitude of having to be fast all the time.

PA: America’s ambivalence when it comes to extreme metal is well known. How is the scene back home?

Vanessa: The scene here is okay. It could be better and it could be worse. I think wherever there are metalheads, there will be a dedicated crowd to keep it alive. Here in Kentucky the scene is good, but not thriving like it was a few years ago. When I lived in Chicago, it was the same.

PA: What according to you are the attributes of a perfect extreme metal record?

Vanessa: Originality and putting every atom of emotion into the riffs, lyrics, and vocals. If I hear something and think “they could have pushed just a little more”, I’m not disappointed, but I am left with wanting more from that band. I think anger is a recipe that should be in the forefront of it all.

PA: What do you make of the newer trends like deathcore, metalcore, djent embodying and claiming to be an integral part of metal nowadays? What in your opinion will the music scene be like in the decades to come?

Vanessa: I don’t pay attention to a lot of subgenres like this. I mainly stick with classics, but again, there are those times where I find something new that I like. I could never say what the music or metal scene will become because it’s always changing and always evolving.

PA: What is an ideal response to the parasites feeding on something established by our pioneers?

Vanessa:Quit ripping everything off and create something that will kill all the other bottom feeders. Don’t take advantage of the path made for you and make your own damn path.

PA:We at Putrid Ascendancy have always traditionally, put forth a question enquiring about our interviewees top 5 albums of all time. Fire away!

Vanessa: This is hard only because I have to pick one album from each band presented, but here it goes:
1) Metallica – Master of Puppets
2) Death – Leprosy
3) Mercyful Fate – Don’t Break the Oath
4) Black Sabbath – Sabotage
5) Emperor – In the Nightside Eclipse

PA: It’s been a pleasure! Leave us with a message for your followers among the ranks of the cult of Putrid Ascendancy.

Vanessa: My pleasure as well! Thanks to those who have fought with us and fought against us. Our supporters are greatly appreciated and hope to see Wooden Stake play live one day. You can get our merch through Razorback Recordings’ website (listed below), and you can contact me personally via facebook, or email:

Wooden Stake
Horror/Doom metal.
Wooden stake are : Vanessa Nocera - Vocals/Bass
                                   Tony Proffer - Guitar
                                   Wayne Sarantopoulos - Drums

Website :
Myspace :

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Putrid Ascendancy has always been searching for new bands that manifest similar ideologies and directions towards their art. San Diego based Ascended Dead is surely one of the bands PA has been immensely interested in from day one and we were eagerly waiting for the demo to come out. We contacted them recently and we had a brief conversation, mainly on Ascended Dead and its music. Putrid Ascendancy presents you JON REIDER, Guitarist and Vocalist of ASCENDED DEAD. 

Ascended Dead

Putrid Ascendancy: Welcome to Putrid Ascendancy, The Indian and South Asian Underground. 

Jon Reider: Thanks for having me.

PA: To start off this interview, lets back up to the point from where it all began. Decay. Could you shed some light on Decay? Decay had Jon and Ian playing in it. It was one of the renowned bands in the San Diego Scene along with the likes of Morbid Gods.

JR: Decay was formed in 2009, it was something I had wanted to get started for a few years until then. We were heavily influenced by stuff like early Death, Nihilist, Possessed, and Hellhammer. That band's history was loaded with lineup changes, more than I feel like going in depth about. I'd say the lineup that stands out the most in my mind was the one with myself, Nick from Phantasm/Archaic Mortuary on drums, and Drew from Morbid Gods on bass. That was the lineup which played the most shows and the one which recorded the self titled EP which you heard. With that lineup, the Decay entity had accomplished what it had sought for from the beginning. Nick was replaced shortly after that EP was released. After that, the sound had morphed to have more of a Necrovore-influence. That latter lineup never recorded anything and only played two shows, the second of which was with Ian. 

Infernal Decay (Demo)


PA: I guess Decay changed its name to Death Knell in later days, probably around the release of the EP, Decay: Armies Of The Dead. And then later the band changed its name back to Decay. 

JR: With that later lineup which I mentioned, in which we had went towards a more Necrovore influence, I felt it would be more fitting towards the end to change the name since the sound had changed so much. I wanted to write a plethora of new songs to go with it, but the band split up before that could happen. I could have continued as Death Knell or whatever, but I found myself not really liking that name too much after a little bit. I thought it would be best to just put that entire entity to rest for good. I changed the name on the pages back to 'Decay,' since all our shows, recordings, etc were done under that name. 


Decay EP (2010)

PA: I, in fact, checked out the EP and it sounded very different from what I had heard on Demo 1 of Ascended Dead.

JR: Of course, the Decay EP was recorded 2 years ago. My influences were much different at that time and our abilities were a lot more limited than that of Ascended Dead.

Nick Baillie

Drew Bischel

Jon Reider

PA: So how did the journey of Decay end? Is Ascended Dead a reincarnation of Decay? Is it based on the same line of concepts and ideologies as Decay?

JR: Decay ended when two members, Drew, and our drummer James quit. I could have reformed that band under the same name with different members, but I felt it was time to start something new. I felt that Decay was representative of my past mindset and influences, it was not something that could be sustained any longer. Ascended Dead is not a reincarnation of Decay. Sure, I write a good portion of the music, as I did with my previous band, but this is something completely new, as I intended for it to be.

PA: How was Ascended Dead formed? On hearing the demo I can make out that it must have been quite a task to find like-minded musicians. Tell me about the initial days.

JR: We formed after the disbanding of Decay. Ian and I had worked together in the latter days of Decay, and I knew that if I was to start the best band possible, it would have to have a guitarist of his caliber. We recruited Charlie Koryn on drums, he was the first drummer we tried out, and we knew he was an excellent fit right away. The three of us began writing songs together immediately. We tried out a number of bass players until Johnny Moreno was recruited, then the circle was complete.

Ascended Dead

PA: Jonathan used to play in the local band Ruminations, if I'm not wrong. So how did he get introduced to the Ascended Dead camp? 

JR: Johnny and I had been acquaintances for some time. While he was in Ruminations, him and I would talk about the possibility of working together in this new band. From what I remember, he disliked playing in Ruminations and didn't get along with them too well. He quit before they could kick him out, and came to jam with us that very same day. We were/are into stuff like Sadistic Intent, Krisiun, and Mortem, and we immediately knew he was a good fit.

PA: I'm a huge supporter of Ascended Dead as it is very much in the same vein of Death Metal that I personally enjoy and like to perform myself. I have been waiting for this demo to come out for quite a long time and I must include that this demo reminds me of Slaughter Lord demos, with the aesthetics of early era of unholy USDM. How was the music written for this demo? Besides these four songs, have you got more material ready?

JR: The songs on that demo were written by Ian, Charlie and I before Johnny had joined the band. Mortification of Souls is our earliest song, and Caustic Decay is actually a rewrite of the old Decay song, Infernal Decay. We have a number of newer songs ready now that are superior to that of first demo.

Ascended Dead - Demo 1 

PA: I'm interested in knowing about the process of song writing and the whole lyrical approach that you guys follow. 

JR: I write a good portion of the guitar parts, show them to the rest of the band, and together we work on structuring the songs, working through the tempos, and modifying some of the riffs. I write all the lyrics. We do not follow any structure in our songs, especially with the newer material.

PA: The only negative criticism about the Demo 1 has been its mixing. Are you guys satisfied with the mixing? Will you guys be working on another demo or can we expect an EP or a full length album in the near future?

JR: The drums were poorly mixed, but I feel there is enough rawness and feeling in that recording to where it serves its purpose. We recently obtained some recording equipment and are learning how to use it, so as to save the trouble of going to someone else for recording and to allow for more creative control. We're going to work on an EP, then we'll start writing for an album.

PA: You guys also seem to be very choosy about record label. How has the response from record labels been? Do you see any potential labels which can promote you guys the right way that you want?

JR: The first demo has been received well from labels/zines/fans/etc. It has been acclaimed by legends such as Takashi of Transgressor, and Mike from Loss. The thing with labels is that they tend to be greedy, I dealt with one in my previous band. It seemed as though it was more about what the label wanted than what we wanted as a band. We just want a label that will portray this music the way we see fit.

Ascended Dead
PA: How's the scene in San Diego at present? I have come across a few gigs that had Ascended Dead on their bills. There is an upcoming one with Bone Sickness. How many gigs have Ascended Dead played so far? How's the whole gig scene? Are there any local bands you guys would recommend for me?

JR: The scene in San Diego is okay. Sure, there are scenesters, but there are also a few devoted individuals and bands who are passionate about Death Metal. We've played four shows so far. Aside from the first show, the turnouts have been good. There is usually at least 10-20 or so people raging their fucking heads off at each gig. Even if there's only one person there who is genuinely affected by our music, I would be happy with how the show went. There's a few good bands such as Archaic Mortuary, Ethereous, Chainsaw Carnage, Tombstoners, Ritual Torture, and I'm sure there's a few others I'm forgetting. I also thought Morbid Gods and Excremation were good bands.

PA: What is Ascended Dead's opinion on this whole NOSDM movement. Among the post-2000 acts, do you guys have any favourites? Do you consider Ascended Dead to be a part of this movement? Or is it more than a movement, something more transcendental? 

JR: I don't consider us as part of any movement. I like a good number of post-2000 bands, such as Ensnared, or Grave Miasma, but I don't think any band should be categorized solely on what year they came out. I can't speak for other bands, but for us, we'd be doing this regardless of whether there is a movement happening or not. So for us, yes, we take it on a spiritual level.

PA: Does Jon have any plans for a Decay reunion? Or is it done for you?

JR: Decay is long done for me, I don't ever see it reforming. That band represents the beginning of my development as a musician, I don't see myself ever regressing back to that. I have good memories with it, but it's all water under the bridge at this point. Not to mention I'm completely sick of playing those songs.

PA: As customary, you must name 5 of your favourite extreme metal albums, of all time.

JR: Possessed-Seven Churches. Slayer-Hell Awaits. Necrovore-Divus De Mortuus. Hellhammer-Satanic Rites. Any early Bathory records.

PA: Thank you brothers for your time and the interview. We wish Ascended Dead the deadliest career and future! Putrid Regards. Hails.

JR: It was good doing this interview, thanks for having me. Blackest regards, ASCENDED DEAD, Jon Reider.

San Diego, US
Death Metal

JR - Guitars, Vocals
IL - Guitars
JM - Bass
CK - Drums

Putrid Ascendancy extends its gratitude to Jon Reider for this interview and wish the band the best in their future endeavours.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Goat Of Mendes - Ascension Of True Death Metal Art

'Putrid Ascendancy' compiles some of the most bestial, sinister and darkest art of True Death Metal (Post 2000) and celebrates the true growth of Metal Of Death in the vilest spirit our mighty ancestors like Possessed or Necrovore hailed Death and got immortalized in trench of fucking abyss.

This is True Fucking Metal Of Death and Worship Cult you bastards!
Mutilated Death awaits for Posers and Traitors.


Hail Death as it is, Primitive, Putrid and Blasphemous, Straight from abyss..

Compiling Music 
 Burial Invocation, Kaamos, Necros Christos, Teitanblood, Maveth, Weapon and MORE!


Blackest Hails
 Team-Putrid Ascendancy

P.S - This is for promotional purpose, We do not have copyright and we recommend all that if they like any of the featured acts they should go ahead and buy original items to support the band or bands.

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THRASH ATTACK: The Thrash Compilation by Putrid Ascendancy

Putrid Ascendancy compiles some of the face-melting, extravagant, poser-ripping Thrash songs.
Download and have a great motherfucking playlist!
Let posers bleed!

Track List

Assassin- Abstract War.
Believer- Sanity obscure.
Coroner- Spiral Dream. 
Deathrow- Riders Of Doom.
Devastation- Deliver The Suffering.
Exumer- Possessed By Fire. 
Forbidden-Chalice Of Blood. 
Forced Entry- We're Dicks.
Gammacide- Fossilized.
Mezzrow- Then Came The Killing. 
Nuclear Assault- Critical Mass. 
Onslaught- Thrash Til The Death.
Protector- Thy Will  Be Done. 
Razor- Edge Of The Razor. 
Sabbat- A cautionary Tale. 
Sacrifice-Warrior of Death. 
Skeletal Earth- Generations of The Lame.
Slaughter-Disintegrator\ Incinerator.
Tankard- Screaming Victims.
Vi-olence- Officer Nice. 
Wermacht- Napalm Shower. 
Whiplash- Spit on your grave. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teutonic Tsunami at Ritual Ascension Fest: ARMAMENT

Want to die at pit of Teutonic Thrash? Then, dont miss this chance. Armament, Kolkata based Thrash outfit heavily influenced by German scene have vowed to destroy those who live for true fucking thrash at Ritual Ascension Fest on 4th August, 2011 to be held at local pub The Basement, Hotel Samilton. The band will play alongside other city true metal acts like Mortar, Dead Veneration, Purgation and Necrodeity. Be there and get annihilated.
Arka Saha briefly interviewed the band on eve on RAF to know about this upcoming Teutonic Tsunami to hit Kolkata on this 4th August!  

PA: Hails from the annihilating domicile of comradeship. How can we be enlightened about Armament and it's growth?

Armament: Well… Armament as an extreme metal band has always had an approach of gaining the Early European thrash metal sound. Being full fledgedly involved into construction of tight sound and ground breaking amplifications, we find ourselves completely devoted to the raw and aggressive musicality that is generated through our sheer passion. We started off with a very modest idea of creating the music of our choice with Soubhik on the guitars Sharan on the drums and myself, Indranil on the vocals. It was not long before Rohan joined the band on guitars as well and that’s the point of time we really took off with our compositions and were able to think of taking Thrash into the next level in this city. Unfortunately in due course of time our drummer coudnt continue and with the right amount of patience and the introduction of Sayan(on the bass) and of course our youngest member Ayan(on the drums)… today we stand as the full lineup of Armament.

PA: Some words about Putrid Ascendancy. How much is Armament moved by Cult of Putrid Ascendancy?

Armament: As we have said earlier that we started off with a very modest approach of creating the sound of our liking. But with the presence of PA it is very heart warming to see more people having the same ideologies and interest in the form of music that we have craved for in the past years. It has been very gutsy of these people to stand up and voice their “demands” from a city which has remained dormant for a long time when it comes to the Metal Scene. Its an honour and privilege to be performing in such an event alongside other old school metal acts. Glad to be a part of it.

PA: So we have Armament featured in the line up of "Ritual Ascension"- The first ever true metal gig in Kolkata. Tell us about your expectations and the willingness to provide your fans and supporters with some kick ass thrash metal.

Armament: We truely feel that the no. of followers of Old School Music are increasing each day. So we would definitely expect people to come to this gig even out of curiosity. As for the other people who are attending the Gig. Its time that you choose between good, bad and Evil. As for the fans- Armament would doing a few originals and at the same time paying a tribute to the Beasts of European Thrash metal that has inspired us to be what we are today as a band. Prepare to get Sodomized!!

PA: What exactly are the reasons behind the downfall of True metal dictatorship in Kolkata?

Armament: To be very honest we never found this city having a concrete metal scene ever. Although we have seen bands doing good music at times but they seemed to have fizzled out due to the fact that it was underground music. Somewhere we feel that the motivation was lacking to persist with the sound that we all as metalheads have been influenced from. Moreover there has not been a “proper exposure” of Old School Metal in the city. In search of being too technical people have seemed to lose the essence and true spirit of metal.

PA: What are the methodical influences of Armament? Tell us more about the sound you guys are working with.

Armament: We would like to admit that Armament has a diverse line up, especially because all of us individually have “almost” different musical influences as well as we differ in terms of growing up listening to different kinds of music, yet we share the likeness in listening to the Old School music that we treasure.

PA: What is Armament's take on the futile group of people that are blemishing the true essence of metal?

Armament: We think that people have got a very wrong idea about the term “Metal” projected in their minds. Being vastly influenced from the 80’s metal scene of Europe n U.S. we have always tried to relate Metal with our lives and not just creating music. We need to understand the reason for creating the music that we do. That is the point of time we are able to potray the true message of Metal to the society.

PA: What as fans do we expect from Armament in the upcoming Ritual Ascension Fest?

Armament: Well…this is Our Fort….Prepare to defend our Land that is the Old School Society. And also maybe, expect to return home battered and bruised cause We want a hell of a “show” from the audience to complete the Ritual of Unholy Thrash!!

PA: Leave us with a message for your supporters and the creed of Putrid Ascendancy.

Armament: This is Armament and You all are the Warriors…Choose your weapons wisely…\m/

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Unveiling Line Up Further: Dead Veneration At Ritual Ascension Fest

Unveiling the line-up further! The band with unknown members, Dead Veneration. Mysteriously hidden identities! DV will be playing their debut gig and at the same time people will get to know the real personalities behind their pseudo-names. Also you will be treated with Death Metal with an undertone of groove and melody. Arka Saha contacted Dead Veneration on this eve of Ritual Ascension to figure out what we must anticipate from them in PA congregation.  

PA: Hails from the cult of Putrid Ascendancy. In your words, what does Dead Veneration stand for?

DV: First of all, thanks to Putrid Ascendancy for letting us be a part of the Ritual Ascension Fest. Ancestor worship is predominant in India among Hindus. In India, when a person dies, the family observes a ten-day mourning period, generally called shraddha. There is a belief that it is fortunate to revere the roots where we have descended from. Likewise, we focus on the roots from which death metal originated and preserve the primitive taste of the genre adding to it flavours/elements from our own country. Dead Veneration, thus, stands for the worshipping of the true nature of Death Metal which is now becoming extinct, atleast in India.

PA: Tell us about the origins of the band, its initiation, growth, and furtherance. What sparked of the sinister idea, that has now resulted in the abomination that is Dead Veneration?

DV: Dead Veneration was not formed overnight just for the sake of forming a band. Previously, in the year of 2010, the two guitarists of the band, being tired of the commercial and psuedo-metal scene prevalent in the city then, decided to break the shackles and produce something that would take them closer to the roots of the death metal genre. But they did not have the resources and members to form a death metal project then. After a long wait of about one year the duo found a like-minded musicians who readily accepted their proposal of the yet unnamed project. And thus came into existence the entity that is Dead Veneration. 

PA: Reveal the indomitable source of influences that shape up your death metal assault. What are a few non musical influences that further molded your music to its present day form?

DV: Musically, Dead Veneration is influenced a lot by Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Gorefest etc and also contemporary Indian band/projects-Dhwesha and Aghor Andhakar. The four members of Dead Veneration are from different musical backgrounds but whatever may it be, when the four unite the unique sound of Dead Veneration is produced. Dark, decrepit, deranged, intricate, enigmatic thoughts of the different human-minds are the non-musical influences that has moulded the sound of Dead Veneration into its present form.

PA: The cult of Putrid Ascendancy has by large, initiated an underground insurgency, that seeks to unleash the morbid concomitants of old school extreme metal ideologies In order to root out parasites feeding on the genre we so revere. How have you come to be a part of this movement? What do you think will be its outcome?

DV: The members of Dead Veneration were involved in the cult of Putrid Ascendancy from the beginning of its existence. Following natural hierarchy, they have been part of this underground movement to eradicate false metal and posers/parasites who have no clue of what is metal and what's not. A positive change has already been struck in the city as far as we see it. Metalheads are listening to more real metal than before rather than spending time in listening to crap. So a positive outcome is expected. Though it is only the beginning. Let's see what the future holds.

PA: Come Ritual Ascension, what can the followers of death expect to be rained down upon them from Dead Veneration?

DV: And yet again the fragile mankind will tremble and fall on it's knees and for the true follwers of death metal it will be a treat for them and also for us to play for them. There WILL be Ascension of Putridity.

PA: Ritual Ascension, the first ever of its kind in eastern India, is a massive initiative by the cult, sponsoring an entire event solely for the furtherance of extreme metal in the pestilence stricken city of Kolkata. What are your expectations from the gig?

DV: "Ascending Putrid Endeavour" is the laid down objective of the Ritual Ascension Fest and we expect just that. And if any poser lands there by any chance, boy-oh-boy is he gonna receive some thrash-death assault!

PA: Leave us with a message for your fans. Ave!

DV: Keep the spirit of true & primitive Death Metal alive! Hails!

Reverbnation :

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thrash Bombarding With MORTAR: At Upcoming Ritual Ascension Fest

MORTAR!! One of the newest acts to hit the Indian Metal Scene, has been receiving accolades from Metal Elites all across the country ever since they released their debut single - 'Ground Reality'. Straight-up thrash hurricane shall rise to its cacophonous peak on Ritual Ascension Fest, manifested through a bone-crushing moshpit and eargasmic riff-assault! The first Thrash Act hailing from Kolkata in its true sense, are ready to make you bang your head till the last note!!
Recently, Arka Saha had a brief conversation with the band to find out what we are going to be experiencing at RAF in flesh, Here is what the band said.   

PA: Hails from Putrid Ascendancy! Our implacable love for extreme metal unites us today. Tell us about the entity that is Mortar.

Mortar: Mortar was formed somewhere in the middle of 2011 when Nilabja came down from Bangalore, met up with Sam, who was from Kolkata, and found out that they were like minded musicians. The band actually started as a Death/Thrash outfit. But over time we realized our love for old school thrash and changed our sound to suit our poison. After a few line up changes and a long long period devoid of a drummer, Mortar finally stands tall today with a steady line-up. This includes, Sohom and Sam on guitars, Dani on bass, Arijit on drums and Nilabja on vocals. Though we all share the love for thrash metal, our personal music tastes range beyond that which enriches Mortar's sound. 

PA: What according to you are the factors impeding the growth of the local extreme metal scene in Kolkata? 

Mortar: Kolkata has had a good deal of trendy music, immature musicians, and money laundering gigs. It was about time all of this changed. Some who truly loved metal music for what it is could not deal with this falsehood and therefore longed for a change. The stagnation of the trendy sound was also a huge factor. Many bands sounded alike and nothing new or original was coming out of the city. Personally, I would call Kolkata, the Gotham of metal music!

PA: What role does the cult of Putrid Ascendancy play in the furtherance of extreme metal in India, and how has Mortar come to be associated with it? 

Mortar: Putrid Ascendancy is a much needed step considering the metal scene in Kolkata and in India. If  it wasn't for P.A. I really don't think the Kolkata scene would ever be going through a change. And recently as far as I've heard, bands outside the city have shown interests in playing in Kolkata. This could never have been possible without P.A.
As far as the band is concerned, our guitarist Sam knew Desecrator, one of the founding members of P.A., who came down to our jam session one of these days. He liked what he heard and therefore signed us for the gig.

PA: ‘Ritual Ascension’, the first ever of its kind in eastern India in which you are scheduled to play, is a massive step forward in the right direction. What are your expectations from the gig?

Mortar: First and foremost we don't expect the usual run of the mill crowd at this show, 'cause the city holds a good deal of old school fans the numbers of whom are ever increasing. And secondly we will not only be there as performers but also as fans of old school metal. So we hope to enjoy a good mosh with the other bands!

PA: Come the rapture, what can we as fans of Mortar expect from you at Ritual Ascension?

Mortar: Since for the first time Kolkata is about to witness something this raw, we promise to put up the usual known rituals of thrashing, which shall eventually lead to an ache in the neck and many other parts of the body the morning after. We are gonna have 3 originals on display and a few covers to look out for!

PA: What do you have to say for the pseudo metal trends emanating from the region, polluting and defiling what we hold sacred?

Mortar: If we must call them trends, then we come to the conclusion that like all trends they will die out. Rather what we hold sacred is not a trend. Thus we intend to deny the existance of these futile trends and focus our attention towards what shall take place in RAF, a true show of metal underground.

PA: What are a few aesthetic influences that shape your music?

Mortar: Our prime influences would be most of the 80s thrash metal bands like Slayer, Exodus, Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Overkill, Razor, Sepultura and many more. Our sound is based around the Bay Area with a touch of teutonic thrash.

PA: Leave us with a message for the supporters of the cult of Putrid Ascendancy!

Mortar: Stay putrid! Support old school metal! Mortar incoming!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Unveiling Ritual Ascension Line Up: Band 1: PURGATION

Presenting you the first band on our card, Kolkata Brutal Death Metallers PURGATION. Recently back from Bangalore after Annihilating Bangalore at Undergrind Fest, They played strength to strength with other prominent bands of different states and Wormrot and have been receiving rave reviews for their high voltage assault since then. Over the time, they have gone sicker, louder and ofcourse better. Arka Saha recently talked to the band to find out what is cooking up in their arsenal, have a look!

PA: Hails from the eternal pits of doom! Tell us about Purgation’s initiation, and growth.

Purgation: Purgation was initially known as Flesh Protocol. Flesh Protocol was a four piece death metal band. We were a strict follower of Cannibal Corpse back then. Stripped Raped Strangled was probably our oldest cover song. After the band was more or less one winter old we had already chalked out a couple of necessary replacements. We had to work our asses off to get a new drummer and a new bassist who were like minded. As soon as we got a second guitarist for the band we planned to change our sound. Competitions were the only platforms we could avail. The band's low fan base was never an issue as we planned to stick to our sound and make it even better. Soon we got a couple of shows in Kolkata through which we tried to deliver true metal to mob. After a long period of hibernation we were finally selected for undergrind 2012 which has been a fuel to fire in our progress.

PA:What are a few aesthetic influences that shape your music?

Purgation: If you talk about local bands then it has to be In Human and Skarlet Resonance. The two bands which never got that level of recognition which they always deserved. Other Indian influences if you talk about has to be Dying Embrace. We like Kryptos and Dhwesha as well. Anyways talking about international acts the first band that comes to our mind is Suffocation followed by Malevolent Creation, Sinister, Deeds Of Flesh, Autopsy and the list goes on and on. There is no end to true death metal cult. We try and inculcate a bit of old school riffing along with jaw breaking blast beats and occasional groovy drum patterns into our sound.

PA: Recently, Purgation played in Bangalore at the Undergrind Fest. Tell us about your experiences and the response you had from the underground further south.

Purgation: Well, talking about Undergrind Fest, 6 or 7 months back we could never dream of sharing the stage with mighty WORMROT. We were probably the only band covering the maximum distance for the GIG. People were expecting a lot from us. We had been working really hard for the GIG. We never took it for granted. It was very much evident that people out their have all ascended from a formidable musical background. They all expect good music from bands especially who have come from a long distance for the GIG. The gig was a huge success nevertheless it was a mammoth of an experience for all of us. The response was huge and people looked pulverized once we were done with our gig. The humble acts of admiration was very much appreciated by us. It helped us to grow stronger both musically and as a unit. It was a memorable tour and it was a pleasure meeting brothers who have come down from other states for the gig.

PA: Of what has come to be quite contentious, the general opinion of the rest of India, on Kolkata’s metal scene has mostly always been abysmal. What do you think ‘Ritual ascension’ is going to achieve for the underground scene here?

Purgation: Kolkata is often despised for the lack of understanding when it comes to metal, and people are not avid listeners when it comes to the blueprints in this genre. I dont see too many proper gigs happening in other cities as well. As a matter of fact, Ritual Ascension will be a huge leap. It will be the first step through which true musicianship and metal spirit as well as brotherhood will be advocated. I wont be surprised if RA sets a huge example for not only Kolkata but for other cities as well.

PA: What as a band, do you expect to achieve from Ritual Ascension?

Purgation: Performing alongside bands you love and you want to support with all your heart is always a big achievement for any band. Its an honor being a part of Putrid Ascendancy and performing alongside goat brothers.

PA: Give us certain insights to your effrontery metal assault come August! What as fans of Purgation, should we expect from you come the rapture?

Purgation: Kolkata haven't had much of Purgation yet. People with an impeccable thirst for skull crushing death metal will never regret the time they will spend witnessing us at Ritual Ascension. It will be an hour of non stop mind fucking death metal.

PA: Leave us with a message for your supporters!

Purgation: Stay heavy. Keep supporting the roots and try and uproot the traits.