Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teutonic Tsunami at Ritual Ascension Fest: ARMAMENT

Want to die at pit of Teutonic Thrash? Then, dont miss this chance. Armament, Kolkata based Thrash outfit heavily influenced by German scene have vowed to destroy those who live for true fucking thrash at Ritual Ascension Fest on 4th August, 2011 to be held at local pub The Basement, Hotel Samilton. The band will play alongside other city true metal acts like Mortar, Dead Veneration, Purgation and Necrodeity. Be there and get annihilated.
Arka Saha briefly interviewed the band on eve on RAF to know about this upcoming Teutonic Tsunami to hit Kolkata on this 4th August!  

PA: Hails from the annihilating domicile of comradeship. How can we be enlightened about Armament and it's growth?

Armament: Well… Armament as an extreme metal band has always had an approach of gaining the Early European thrash metal sound. Being full fledgedly involved into construction of tight sound and ground breaking amplifications, we find ourselves completely devoted to the raw and aggressive musicality that is generated through our sheer passion. We started off with a very modest idea of creating the music of our choice with Soubhik on the guitars Sharan on the drums and myself, Indranil on the vocals. It was not long before Rohan joined the band on guitars as well and that’s the point of time we really took off with our compositions and were able to think of taking Thrash into the next level in this city. Unfortunately in due course of time our drummer coudnt continue and with the right amount of patience and the introduction of Sayan(on the bass) and of course our youngest member Ayan(on the drums)… today we stand as the full lineup of Armament.

PA: Some words about Putrid Ascendancy. How much is Armament moved by Cult of Putrid Ascendancy?

Armament: As we have said earlier that we started off with a very modest approach of creating the sound of our liking. But with the presence of PA it is very heart warming to see more people having the same ideologies and interest in the form of music that we have craved for in the past years. It has been very gutsy of these people to stand up and voice their “demands” from a city which has remained dormant for a long time when it comes to the Metal Scene. Its an honour and privilege to be performing in such an event alongside other old school metal acts. Glad to be a part of it.

PA: So we have Armament featured in the line up of "Ritual Ascension"- The first ever true metal gig in Kolkata. Tell us about your expectations and the willingness to provide your fans and supporters with some kick ass thrash metal.

Armament: We truely feel that the no. of followers of Old School Music are increasing each day. So we would definitely expect people to come to this gig even out of curiosity. As for the other people who are attending the Gig. Its time that you choose between good, bad and Evil. As for the fans- Armament would doing a few originals and at the same time paying a tribute to the Beasts of European Thrash metal that has inspired us to be what we are today as a band. Prepare to get Sodomized!!

PA: What exactly are the reasons behind the downfall of True metal dictatorship in Kolkata?

Armament: To be very honest we never found this city having a concrete metal scene ever. Although we have seen bands doing good music at times but they seemed to have fizzled out due to the fact that it was underground music. Somewhere we feel that the motivation was lacking to persist with the sound that we all as metalheads have been influenced from. Moreover there has not been a “proper exposure” of Old School Metal in the city. In search of being too technical people have seemed to lose the essence and true spirit of metal.

PA: What are the methodical influences of Armament? Tell us more about the sound you guys are working with.

Armament: We would like to admit that Armament has a diverse line up, especially because all of us individually have “almost” different musical influences as well as we differ in terms of growing up listening to different kinds of music, yet we share the likeness in listening to the Old School music that we treasure.

PA: What is Armament's take on the futile group of people that are blemishing the true essence of metal?

Armament: We think that people have got a very wrong idea about the term “Metal” projected in their minds. Being vastly influenced from the 80’s metal scene of Europe n U.S. we have always tried to relate Metal with our lives and not just creating music. We need to understand the reason for creating the music that we do. That is the point of time we are able to potray the true message of Metal to the society.

PA: What as fans do we expect from Armament in the upcoming Ritual Ascension Fest?

Armament: Well…this is Our Fort….Prepare to defend our Land that is the Old School Society. And also maybe, expect to return home battered and bruised cause We want a hell of a “show” from the audience to complete the Ritual of Unholy Thrash!!

PA: Leave us with a message for your supporters and the creed of Putrid Ascendancy.

Armament: This is Armament and You all are the Warriors…Choose your weapons wisely…\m/

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Unveiling Line Up Further: Dead Veneration At Ritual Ascension Fest

Unveiling the line-up further! The band with unknown members, Dead Veneration. Mysteriously hidden identities! DV will be playing their debut gig and at the same time people will get to know the real personalities behind their pseudo-names. Also you will be treated with Death Metal with an undertone of groove and melody. Arka Saha contacted Dead Veneration on this eve of Ritual Ascension to figure out what we must anticipate from them in PA congregation.  

PA: Hails from the cult of Putrid Ascendancy. In your words, what does Dead Veneration stand for?

DV: First of all, thanks to Putrid Ascendancy for letting us be a part of the Ritual Ascension Fest. Ancestor worship is predominant in India among Hindus. In India, when a person dies, the family observes a ten-day mourning period, generally called shraddha. There is a belief that it is fortunate to revere the roots where we have descended from. Likewise, we focus on the roots from which death metal originated and preserve the primitive taste of the genre adding to it flavours/elements from our own country. Dead Veneration, thus, stands for the worshipping of the true nature of Death Metal which is now becoming extinct, atleast in India.

PA: Tell us about the origins of the band, its initiation, growth, and furtherance. What sparked of the sinister idea, that has now resulted in the abomination that is Dead Veneration?

DV: Dead Veneration was not formed overnight just for the sake of forming a band. Previously, in the year of 2010, the two guitarists of the band, being tired of the commercial and psuedo-metal scene prevalent in the city then, decided to break the shackles and produce something that would take them closer to the roots of the death metal genre. But they did not have the resources and members to form a death metal project then. After a long wait of about one year the duo found a like-minded musicians who readily accepted their proposal of the yet unnamed project. And thus came into existence the entity that is Dead Veneration. 

PA: Reveal the indomitable source of influences that shape up your death metal assault. What are a few non musical influences that further molded your music to its present day form?

DV: Musically, Dead Veneration is influenced a lot by Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Gorefest etc and also contemporary Indian band/projects-Dhwesha and Aghor Andhakar. The four members of Dead Veneration are from different musical backgrounds but whatever may it be, when the four unite the unique sound of Dead Veneration is produced. Dark, decrepit, deranged, intricate, enigmatic thoughts of the different human-minds are the non-musical influences that has moulded the sound of Dead Veneration into its present form.

PA: The cult of Putrid Ascendancy has by large, initiated an underground insurgency, that seeks to unleash the morbid concomitants of old school extreme metal ideologies In order to root out parasites feeding on the genre we so revere. How have you come to be a part of this movement? What do you think will be its outcome?

DV: The members of Dead Veneration were involved in the cult of Putrid Ascendancy from the beginning of its existence. Following natural hierarchy, they have been part of this underground movement to eradicate false metal and posers/parasites who have no clue of what is metal and what's not. A positive change has already been struck in the city as far as we see it. Metalheads are listening to more real metal than before rather than spending time in listening to crap. So a positive outcome is expected. Though it is only the beginning. Let's see what the future holds.

PA: Come Ritual Ascension, what can the followers of death expect to be rained down upon them from Dead Veneration?

DV: And yet again the fragile mankind will tremble and fall on it's knees and for the true follwers of death metal it will be a treat for them and also for us to play for them. There WILL be Ascension of Putridity.

PA: Ritual Ascension, the first ever of its kind in eastern India, is a massive initiative by the cult, sponsoring an entire event solely for the furtherance of extreme metal in the pestilence stricken city of Kolkata. What are your expectations from the gig?

DV: "Ascending Putrid Endeavour" is the laid down objective of the Ritual Ascension Fest and we expect just that. And if any poser lands there by any chance, boy-oh-boy is he gonna receive some thrash-death assault!

PA: Leave us with a message for your fans. Ave!

DV: Keep the spirit of true & primitive Death Metal alive! Hails!

Reverbnation : http://www.reverbnation.com/deadveneration

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thrash Bombarding With MORTAR: At Upcoming Ritual Ascension Fest

MORTAR!! One of the newest acts to hit the Indian Metal Scene, has been receiving accolades from Metal Elites all across the country ever since they released their debut single - 'Ground Reality'. Straight-up thrash hurricane shall rise to its cacophonous peak on Ritual Ascension Fest, manifested through a bone-crushing moshpit and eargasmic riff-assault! The first Thrash Act hailing from Kolkata in its true sense, are ready to make you bang your head till the last note!!
Recently, Arka Saha had a brief conversation with the band to find out what we are going to be experiencing at RAF in flesh, Here is what the band said.   

PA: Hails from Putrid Ascendancy! Our implacable love for extreme metal unites us today. Tell us about the entity that is Mortar.

Mortar: Mortar was formed somewhere in the middle of 2011 when Nilabja came down from Bangalore, met up with Sam, who was from Kolkata, and found out that they were like minded musicians. The band actually started as a Death/Thrash outfit. But over time we realized our love for old school thrash and changed our sound to suit our poison. After a few line up changes and a long long period devoid of a drummer, Mortar finally stands tall today with a steady line-up. This includes, Sohom and Sam on guitars, Dani on bass, Arijit on drums and Nilabja on vocals. Though we all share the love for thrash metal, our personal music tastes range beyond that which enriches Mortar's sound. 

PA: What according to you are the factors impeding the growth of the local extreme metal scene in Kolkata? 

Mortar: Kolkata has had a good deal of trendy music, immature musicians, and money laundering gigs. It was about time all of this changed. Some who truly loved metal music for what it is could not deal with this falsehood and therefore longed for a change. The stagnation of the trendy sound was also a huge factor. Many bands sounded alike and nothing new or original was coming out of the city. Personally, I would call Kolkata, the Gotham of metal music!

PA: What role does the cult of Putrid Ascendancy play in the furtherance of extreme metal in India, and how has Mortar come to be associated with it? 

Mortar: Putrid Ascendancy is a much needed step considering the metal scene in Kolkata and in India. If  it wasn't for P.A. I really don't think the Kolkata scene would ever be going through a change. And recently as far as I've heard, bands outside the city have shown interests in playing in Kolkata. This could never have been possible without P.A.
As far as the band is concerned, our guitarist Sam knew Desecrator, one of the founding members of P.A., who came down to our jam session one of these days. He liked what he heard and therefore signed us for the gig.

PA: ‘Ritual Ascension’, the first ever of its kind in eastern India in which you are scheduled to play, is a massive step forward in the right direction. What are your expectations from the gig?

Mortar: First and foremost we don't expect the usual run of the mill crowd at this show, 'cause the city holds a good deal of old school fans the numbers of whom are ever increasing. And secondly we will not only be there as performers but also as fans of old school metal. So we hope to enjoy a good mosh with the other bands!

PA: Come the rapture, what can we as fans of Mortar expect from you at Ritual Ascension?

Mortar: Since for the first time Kolkata is about to witness something this raw, we promise to put up the usual known rituals of thrashing, which shall eventually lead to an ache in the neck and many other parts of the body the morning after. We are gonna have 3 originals on display and a few covers to look out for!

PA: What do you have to say for the pseudo metal trends emanating from the region, polluting and defiling what we hold sacred?

Mortar: If we must call them trends, then we come to the conclusion that like all trends they will die out. Rather what we hold sacred is not a trend. Thus we intend to deny the existance of these futile trends and focus our attention towards what shall take place in RAF, a true show of metal underground.

PA: What are a few aesthetic influences that shape your music?

Mortar: Our prime influences would be most of the 80s thrash metal bands like Slayer, Exodus, Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Overkill, Razor, Sepultura and many more. Our sound is based around the Bay Area with a touch of teutonic thrash.

PA: Leave us with a message for the supporters of the cult of Putrid Ascendancy!

Mortar: Stay putrid! Support old school metal! Mortar incoming!!