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REVIEW : Dying Embrace - Era of Tribulation (India)

Title - Era of Tribulation
Type - Compilation
Country - India
Label - Armee de la Mort Records
Date of Release - December 26th, 2012
Number of Tracks - 14
Total Playing Time -  52:43


Misanthrope 7"EP
1. Blood Rites   02:46
2. Cromlech Of Hate  03:54 

Grotesque Tape EP
3. The Passing Away  04:03
4. Grotesque Entity   05:02
5. Oremus Diabolum   05:39 
'Serenades Of Depravity' Mini Album  
6. As Eternity Fades  03:22
7. Spawn Of The Depths 03:06
8. Dagda - His Time Has Come 02:46
9. D.T's (Instrumental) 02:58
10. Degeneration  03:09
11. Elegy For The Damned (Outro)  01:18
'Dying Embrace' Demo
12. The Passing Away  04:07
13. Grotesque Entity  05:04
14. Oremus Diabolum  05:29
"Beneath the Swamp, Victim of Zealot Rage
Remains of Sorcerer from a dark, distant Age
Buried for Centuries deep beneath the Sand
Lightning now strikes the unconsecrated Land"
The buried Ancestral curse , suspended perversity and an epitaph of grotesque past.. The Era Of Tribulation!

Veteran Doom/Death Legions of India, DYING EMBRACE's Discography/Compilation CD regurgitates the anatomical existence of this monstrous entity, lurking in the dark underground for nearly two decades, rejecting everything mainstream, denying to bring forth any changes in what they believe in or what they like to play and provoking the charm of true flame of underground music among maniacs. DYING EMBRACE was initially formed as MISANTHROPE as early as in 1991, heavily doused in musical influences from likes of Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Autopsy, Paradise Lost etc. Later the band changed its moniker to DYING EMBRACE after departure of the former vocalist. This Compilation is the testimony or showcase of this legendary band's work of art buried under the grave of time. 

Era of Tribulation conjures up the tracks from 'Misanthrope' EP, 'Grotesque Tape' EP, 'Serenades of Depravity' MCD and 'Dying Embrace' Demo, a myriad of morbid tunes collected through out the entire career of the band. Bearing the sensibilities of blues and classic heavy metal, DYING EMBRACE's music is filthy, aural, diabolic and almost hypnotic. Blending the elements of doom spew forth the eerie, spectral and enthralling qualities. The riffs are crafted as if they are like revenants witnessing the horror in a dark alley. JIMMY PALKHIVALA, A legend in every right, needs no introduction in the underground. A maestro that he is, can evoke the most bizarre and captivating sense with every riff he writes. For example, 'Blood Rites', from 'Misanthrope' EP, would take you to an alternate state of mind, subtle, stark and gruesome. The songs are written considering the extreme fluidity and emotions. Nothing seems like they are forced upon. Everything flows like a stream producing swarming emotions and titillating our dark psyche. Listen to songs like 'Grotesque Entity' or 'Oremus Diabolum', or say 'Cromolech of Hate' to realize  the band's impeccable standard in song writing. Riffs are provocative,  sensual and like a razor it cuts you deep. Where the lead works would again rejuvenate and reconstruct you into your mortal form. Vocals, the less said, the better it is, Trademark vomits by VIKRAM BHAT. Uniquely textured, ugly to its core, gruesome gutturals that you really never heard before, absolutely inhumane and creature-like . And you know what, there is no effect involved here as he sounds equally gruesome and savage live, I was going through the lyrics and to my astonishment I found, he utters ever single word of the lyrics yet maintains that ghastly growls that can scare the shit out of you. Check out songs like 'Dagda - His Time Has Come' or 'Degeneration', from 'Serenades of Depravity' MCD to witness some of the best vocal productions ever. A regurgitation of phlegm infested eternity, That's how I would describe Vikram's unique singing style that sits perfectly on the doom laden riffs master crafted by Jimmy. DANIEL MARC DAVID's thick, unpredictable, filling drum line provides a perfect skeleton to each songs, not too overwhelming, just perfectly weighed. It reminds me a lot like Reifert Vibe going on, specially on the tracks like 'Blood Rites' or 'As Eternity Fades'. Bass work by JAI KUMAR does everything required for all the songs, heaviness, eeriness atmosphere and some goosebumps. 'Oremus Diabolum' sounds crushing, heavy and absolutely spooky. Its like Sabbath meeting Winter or Autopsy. Lyrically DYING EMBRACE reflects on darker aspects and themes, occult, mythologies, suffering or sorrow, suspended trauma of mankind. Excellent lyrics, not only give perfect message to scream about to the audience but also showcase the poet within. DYING EMBRACE surely summons a morbid imagery and offers great lyrical arena that absolutely befits such heavy music. And the artwork, which in one word, is sick. It is done by artisan of death, Zizi Amri and does every justice to the musical materials and the ERA OF TRIBULATION Shirts. This is an incredibly coveted  ARMEE DE LA MORT RECORDS release, run by SHAXUL of MANZER(France) who also runs LEGION OF DEATH  RECORDS. SHAXUL left no stone unturned with this release, from in lay work, which he designed himself, the jewel box to the paper which looks very chic, vintage and is expensive. Everything is fantastic.
 This is 'The' perfect discovery, flawless in every aspect. Every song has stood the test of time. Steeped in nostalgia and old world charm, DYING EMBRACE's ERA OF TRIBULATION  is 'The' Triumph of Death and a 'must have' possession for any self respecting Metalhead and everyone who values arts and believes in purchasing original music. This is one serious piece of art from the dark abyss from a band that kept the flag of Indian Metal flying high in International Underground.
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Genocide Shrines (Sri Lanka) - Devanation Monumentemples (EP) Review

Band -Genocide Shrines
Release -  Devanation Monumentemples
Type - EP
Label - Cyclopean Eye Productions
Origin - Colombo, Sri Lanka
Date of Release -  July 7th, 2012
Number of Tracks - 7
Total Playing Time - 19:46

Sri Lanka, a land shrouded by political warfare, oppression and inter-racial hatred would be ideal breeding grounds for the birth of bands following similar lyrical themes and a similar approach to their music. However, Genocide Shrines, hailing from the capital city of Colombo, have little but no hints of such influences in their music or lyrics and pursue a much darker and more primitive approach to their music, the other sides of primordial Sri Lankan ancestry and the wages of muted grudge manifested for defeated eternities, from fearsome and heroic Ravanakult and all of their blasphemous vomits are compiled to give birth to their monstrous debut EP ‘Devanation Monumentemples'.

Furious, ritualistic Black/Death Metal spat out with tantric animosity and unearthly desires, an apotheosis of the mighty king whom even Lord Shiva praised and adored, who once ruled the land and his terror is still unforgotten, Genocide Shrines, comprising of Tridenterroccult, BlasphemousWarGoat, NarkotikPerversor and Khaoshiva, perform a unique blend of black metal and death metal with earnest emphasis on providing total chaos. Heavily distorted razor-like riffs, steam-rolling drums, sinister bass-lines and atrocious vocals, that would recreate a sense of getting drowned in a primal sea of black chaos. The vocals appear like the incoming turbulent waves on the shore, ravaging, sometimes dominant, some absolutely tidal but never submissive. Deep Gutturals are superbly complemented with those blood-chilling echoed and highly reverbed shrieks creating a multidimensional and aural sonic landscape. The production is an added bonus as all the instruments are audible while managing to sound “raw” at the same time which trust me is not an easy task to perform. Like, if you listen to similar releases in past, one of the remarkable releases has been 'Seven Chalices' by Teitanblood of Spain. That album created an absolutely terrifying sonic impression. Almost flawless record in every account except the drums in the mix, which was too buried under the guitar distortions and vocals. But in this case of 'Devanation Monumentemples" the drums are perfectly mixed, giving the riffs enough support and structures.

The addition of an intro, interlude and an outro(Each called a Pillar) add a better dimension to this EP and enhances the listening experience. Personally I loved the 'Submission' Pillar II, which somehow sounded like a clipping from a movie but it definitely added a kind of contrast or juxtaposition to the music. Even though all the tracks here are stellar, ‘Nectars of Tantric Murder’ and ‘Apparitions of Spiritual Obliteration’ stand out from the rest, in my opinion, And if you want to sample pure black flame of chaos of Lord Shiva, you must check out Shivatandavaiolence, which would slowly evolve into true fucking terrifying state of tandava after 1:55 minutes. The end riff of ‘Apparitions of Spiritual Obliteration’ is as memorable and deadly as the infamously infectious  'In the Grip of Winter' riff of Autopsy from Mental Funeral.

Lyrically the band had done really appropriate  to their absolutely indoctrinating theme and penchant for spiritual warfare. Deeply rooted in eastern esoteric darkness, Genocide Shrines penned some of the most  provocative, igniting and liberating war poetry that would not hesitate a bit to glorify  death, chaos, holocaustic wrath and apocalypse, very much like they already said before, 'In his(Raavan) name, We desecrate'.

Genocide Shrines have carved out a perfect sound of their own with their below-20 minute EP and I have to say that ‘Devanation Monumentemples’ is becoming one of my favorite EP’s the more I listen to it. Putrid Ascendancy already mentioned of this EP in its list of 2012's best releases and do consider Genocide Shrines are the best break-through band of 2012.
A very special mention goes ‘Cyclopean Eye Productions’, an Indian Record Label with eyes set on true talents in the underground, for signing this very talented group of musicians and giving them the right opportunity, promotion and platform. I am sure it would be a great feeling for the label now seeing their debut release making it to list of "Best of 2012", internationally.

Genocide Shrines's work in this EP could be compared to the western standards set by prolific acts like Archgoat, Proclamation or Teitanblood. With endless of blessings from Raavan, Genocide Shrines are surely here to annihilate with no mercy and could be depended upon to produce more captivating violent slabs of occult Death Metal in the future and what I just heard is that they are already on their first full length that would be released in coming months for mass obliteration.
This solid, mature and aggressive release from these Sri Lankan blasphemers should not be missed by metal maniacs out there who worship true bestial black metal or old school death metal.


Desecrator/Joseph Stephenson 

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An Interview with Kingsley King Fowley of DECEASED

DECEASED, needs no introduction. Truly a pioneering underground force to reckon with and one of the most influential extreme metal acts in our list. Along with bands like Exmortis, Revenant, Ripping Corpse, Goreaphobia, Death Strike/Master, Dr. Shrinker Etc, Deceased churned out some of the menacingly extreme, extreme music that survived the test of fading time; Recently we had an honour to get in touch with 'One and Only - Kingsley King Fowley' and we cant express the magnitude of our happiness enough to be able to speak with one of the most inspiring figures in the extreme underground. Putrid Ascendancy extends the hands of immense gratitude to Mr. King Fowley for his time and this interview!

PA: Let us begin with hearing a couple of words about Deceased, what would you like to tell us?

KF: CHEERS! Well here it is 2012 December. Band’s about to enter its 28th year together. A new album is in the works and we’re about to go out on an American tour as well. Very happy and pleased to still be hard at work in a band that means everything to me.

PA: being a band from the 80's and starting off with a very primitive and old school sound earlier, how would you shed light on the influences which helped you in shaping us such a tight sound for Deceased ?

KF: We’ve grown up through it all. We’ve learned to play our gear and with that the proper adding and subtracting has come to the forefront. We’ve always played with the fast and thrash ideas as well as the heavy metal melodies too. We’re just able to do more now due to learning to write/create songs and all that come with it. I’ve shaped my voice into how I enjoy singing for Deceased. It’s come a long way too! The band is a fine tuned machine these days!!!

PA: As your lyrical themes tell us about zombies and classic works of horror from 'The Twilight Zone' and of Edgar Allan Poe, what in particular compelled you towards that theme and how do you frame it so well in terms of creating music with?

KF: It’s fitting to what this band is all about. We’ve always gone for morbid topics and ‘fitting’ themes to our sound. I have many things I love from the horror genre. From written works to film to fiction ideas in my mind. Even nonfiction horrors are a part of it. This was very prominent on the ‘Surreal Overdose’ record.
PA: We would like to know from you, about the sound of Deceased. How is it different now compared to the earlier sound? Please tell us how the sound had evolved over years and how significant do you find this change?
KF: We were young and on drugs and just teens. We wanted to turn the amps all the way up play the fastest tempos and just be ugly raw and aggressive. We learned dynamics to make those fast parts stand out more in time. We learned how to keep guitar solos in key. We learned to layer vocals and to layer guitar ideas. All this to us is very fun and a dream to grow into better song writers. Only time and trial and error can get you there. We still love the turn it up and go for it attitude and we surely haven’t ‘mellowed’ with age either. It’s all still there just in a more professional package overall.

PA: Do you prefer using ‘Vintage Gear' or Analog Technology for the construction of your music. If yes, tell us more about it?

KF: We use what’s fitting to us. We still just buy our guitar heads and cabs and go for it on that ideal. We’re not much for ‘today's sounds’ in gear. Classic sounds are stuck in our heads and I’m sure always will be. When it comes tr recording we dabble in technology now and then but most of the time we don’t like what it brings so we abandon it.

PA: Please name a couple of Heavy Metal bands which you love and never forget to listen to?

KF: Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Voivod are 3 of our main metal influences and always will be.
PA: We would like to know about the metal scene in Virginia presently, tell us about the local bands and upcoming metal bands from there?

KF: I don’t live in Virginia for over 7 years now but when I visit and we practice nearby in Washington d.c area (only Mike lives in Virginia there these days) I don’t see much. The music scene is pretty beat down there. Used to have a damn good scene and we’d be the band to promote it all and set up shows. It seems the music down that way is pretty low key and not really moving up.

PA: Any recent tours out of U.S? Are you working on a new Deceased release, is it going to be a full-length? Name some places, festivals you like to tour and why? Also tell us about about new venues you'd like to play at or places, that Deceased is planning to visit in future?

KF: We are going to do a U.S tour in march going west coast and in between some too. A new LPs is in the works. It’s called ‘Ghostly White’ and it’ll be put out on Hell’s Headbangers records. We hope by 2013 end to have it out. I love playing anywhere big or small! All shows are a good time with us. We just love to set up and have a blast. We’d love to get to Europe in 2014 and do a full European tour. That’s next on our ‘things to do’ list!!!
PA: Which Deceased album would you give an aesthetic importance and why ? What in your opinion are the important aspects of producing a proper and complete metal record?

KF: I think all we’ve done is important in our growth. Many consider ‘Fearless Undead Machines’ as our best. I’m more into the sound and style of ‘Supernatural Addiction’ this is my fave Deceased record. It all comes together just right to me on that one. To make a complete record first off you need good songs. Memorable and with substance and variation! You need to take your time and do it right. Hurrying really never does a lot of good to anything. And if its of standard in time it might be considered a classic to the heavy metal world. I’m from the school that if as an artist I enjoy the finished product then I’m satisfied for all time!

PA: What do you have to say about trendy, posing genres like Death core and Metalcore?How much has it helped the 'Metal Scene' all around the world?

KF: Music is music. There would be many fools and trend jumpers. I ignore it the best I can and that’s all you can do. Be strong at what you do and don’t let that stupidity slow down your dreams in the music field. The strong will survive!

PA: What is your call on Grindcore? Name the bands you are fond of and you support, in that genre.Also tell us how bands like Dead Kennedys and the rest of the hardcore punk bands help give Deceased the rawness to its sound?

KF: I love a lot of hardcore from the old days and punk from the Ramoners to Plasmatics,Dk’s, Mdc, English Dogs, The Accused etc. These bands have a good raw angle and it really added to the vibe we are a part of. Grindcore is cool if the drummer can keep up and the riffs are ferocious. Bands like Repulsion are amazing.

PA: How do you differentiate the American Metal Scene to that of the Europe? What is the dissonance you find in European Metal compared to the rest of the world?

KF: Well its so interchanged these days most of it matches up now on all shores. But younger I noticed the Europeans had a lot of musical ideas from guitar harmonies and a lot of melody that America had to catch up on. They kept the heavy edge and still made viable intense metal music.
PA: What in your terms is called a 'real establishment' for a metal band? How important is Deceased to you and the others in the band?

KF: I live for the band. It is my life. To speak for the other guys they love doing what we do and even though we’re in our 40s now still find time to make it all happen. We know when time comes to write new material that we won’t rush or shit it out. We will do it with the love and care we give our songs we create. We don’t believe in half ass and we wont ever fall into that.

PA: What is the amount of time you spend with Deceased and what impact does it lay on you at the end of the day? What is Deceased other than just being music to you? Tell us about your involvement in the band?

KF: Oh every day is about the band. From booking shows to setting up jams to making shirts to talking to folks who support us like yourself. My involvement is the ‘leader’ of the band. The guys know I’m always in the best interest of the band. It’s what I do and what ill always do. It’s my life. Music is my wife!!

PA: What good news about Deceased do you want to share with us so we cherish it on its name?

KF: We’re still doing our thing! We’ve never swayed or faltered. On we go! Proud to be 100% still ourselves all these years later!~!!
PA: Its a tradition of Putrid Ascendancy to ask you to name 5 of your favorite metal albums of all time.go ahead.......

KF: Sure some albums I live for, Black Sabbath ‘Mob Rules’, Voivod ‘Killing Technology’, Jag Panzer ‘Ample Destruction’, Y&T ‘Mean Streak’ and Whiplash ‘Power and Pain’ are 5 of them! All classics in every sense to me.
PA: It was a pleasure! We wish you great success with your career and future; and the best of wishes to Deceased. So lastly, what message do you want to send out to your fans?  
KF: Thanks to all for reading and the support. Wishing everyone well over the holidays 2012. Be yourself and stay wild! UP THE TOMBSTONES!!!!! Hails and greetings!

-Syd Myers