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Unveiling Ritual Ascension Line Up: Band 1: PURGATION

Presenting you the first band on our card, Kolkata Brutal Death Metallers PURGATION. Recently back from Bangalore after Annihilating Bangalore at Undergrind Fest, They played strength to strength with other prominent bands of different states and Wormrot and have been receiving rave reviews for their high voltage assault since then. Over the time, they have gone sicker, louder and ofcourse better. Arka Saha recently talked to the band to find out what is cooking up in their arsenal, have a look!

PA: Hails from the eternal pits of doom! Tell us about Purgation’s initiation, and growth.

Purgation: Purgation was initially known as Flesh Protocol. Flesh Protocol was a four piece death metal band. We were a strict follower of Cannibal Corpse back then. Stripped Raped Strangled was probably our oldest cover song. After the band was more or less one winter old we had already chalked out a couple of necessary replacements. We had to work our asses off to get a new drummer and a new bassist who were like minded. As soon as we got a second guitarist for the band we planned to change our sound. Competitions were the only platforms we could avail. The band's low fan base was never an issue as we planned to stick to our sound and make it even better. Soon we got a couple of shows in Kolkata through which we tried to deliver true metal to mob. After a long period of hibernation we were finally selected for undergrind 2012 which has been a fuel to fire in our progress.

PA:What are a few aesthetic influences that shape your music?

Purgation: If you talk about local bands then it has to be In Human and Skarlet Resonance. The two bands which never got that level of recognition which they always deserved. Other Indian influences if you talk about has to be Dying Embrace. We like Kryptos and Dhwesha as well. Anyways talking about international acts the first band that comes to our mind is Suffocation followed by Malevolent Creation, Sinister, Deeds Of Flesh, Autopsy and the list goes on and on. There is no end to true death metal cult. We try and inculcate a bit of old school riffing along with jaw breaking blast beats and occasional groovy drum patterns into our sound.

PA: Recently, Purgation played in Bangalore at the Undergrind Fest. Tell us about your experiences and the response you had from the underground further south.

Purgation: Well, talking about Undergrind Fest, 6 or 7 months back we could never dream of sharing the stage with mighty WORMROT. We were probably the only band covering the maximum distance for the GIG. People were expecting a lot from us. We had been working really hard for the GIG. We never took it for granted. It was very much evident that people out their have all ascended from a formidable musical background. They all expect good music from bands especially who have come from a long distance for the GIG. The gig was a huge success nevertheless it was a mammoth of an experience for all of us. The response was huge and people looked pulverized once we were done with our gig. The humble acts of admiration was very much appreciated by us. It helped us to grow stronger both musically and as a unit. It was a memorable tour and it was a pleasure meeting brothers who have come down from other states for the gig.

PA: Of what has come to be quite contentious, the general opinion of the rest of India, on Kolkata’s metal scene has mostly always been abysmal. What do you think ‘Ritual ascension’ is going to achieve for the underground scene here?

Purgation: Kolkata is often despised for the lack of understanding when it comes to metal, and people are not avid listeners when it comes to the blueprints in this genre. I dont see too many proper gigs happening in other cities as well. As a matter of fact, Ritual Ascension will be a huge leap. It will be the first step through which true musicianship and metal spirit as well as brotherhood will be advocated. I wont be surprised if RA sets a huge example for not only Kolkata but for other cities as well.

PA: What as a band, do you expect to achieve from Ritual Ascension?

Purgation: Performing alongside bands you love and you want to support with all your heart is always a big achievement for any band. Its an honor being a part of Putrid Ascendancy and performing alongside goat brothers.

PA: Give us certain insights to your effrontery metal assault come August! What as fans of Purgation, should we expect from you come the rapture?

Purgation: Kolkata haven't had much of Purgation yet. People with an impeccable thirst for skull crushing death metal will never regret the time they will spend witnessing us at Ritual Ascension. It will be an hour of non stop mind fucking death metal.

PA: Leave us with a message for your supporters!

Purgation: Stay heavy. Keep supporting the roots and try and uproot the traits.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Review - Reflections Of Horror, Demo 2012, Exorcised (Serbia)

Band - Exorcised
Demo - Reflections Of Horror
Label - Self Released
Year - 18th April, 2012
Line Up - Daniel - Guitar, Ċ½eljko - Vocals and Bass, Marin - Drums
Number Of Tracks - 4
Total Playing Time - 19:43 Minutes
Country - Ratkovo, Serbia
Contact -

Hailing from Serbia is my first review for Putrid Ascendancy! This young three piece seems to have a lot of potential as this demo is their first one. At first listen to "oppressed by unreal" the guitar tone is a a bit flat and could use more gain. The production overall is fair with the drums being a bit far back in the mix, sounding like they were recorded maybe with a room mic only. As far as production value I would give it a 4 of 10. The high hat is really loud and kinda washes out the entire band. The vocals are recorded well and sound pretty clean.

The overall playing of the band sounds very good and pretty tight. Something tells me they drag songs out a bit and could make them shorter, but otherwise are written well. The song structures seem to be pretty solid, and as I listen to the demo for the third time think it gets better as you get into it. Unholy awakening, the last song on the demo is my favorite of the four. The guitar riffs, although sounding a bit rough seem to transition well and are pretty fluid. The bass is almost non existent for the length of the demo. The drumming is excellent and very precise and the band seems to be in sync as a whole. The vocals really stand out on the recording, reminding me a lot of older Cadaver. I believe the best aspect of the demo is the vocal sound and style. 

These guys have a lot of potential considering this is their first attempt. Production aside they seem to be pretty proficient at playing good old school death metal and also at songwriting in general. They appear to have a new demo coming out soon which I am looking forward to hearing! I hope they stick around and get their production issues worked out because I think they have the ability to be a great band. 

Rating 3/5


Additional Note: if my reviews seem to be short I tend not to embellish when i review bands and would rather just give a straight up explanation of what I have heard!

Reviewed By - Jeff Fischer

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