Friday, July 15, 2011

'Ascending True Indian Underground' - Putrid Ascendancy


Putrid Ascendancy
Ascending True Indian Underground

Featuring ten Indians underrated Extreme Acts and two International (Bangladesh & Sri Lanka) Acts.

Bands and track-listing
 1. 1833 AD (Delhi-Black Metal)- Who Will Kill The Emperor
2. Aghor Andhakar (Delhi-Black Metal)- Invading Motherland
3. Cry (Hyderabad-Depressive/Suicidal​ Black Metal)- Lonewolf
4. Dhwesha (Bangalore-War Themed Death Metal)- Yuddhabhumi
5. Dormant Inferno (Mumbai-Doom/Death)- Failed Experiments
6. Dying Embrace (Bangalore-Primitive Death/Doom) - Oremus Diabolum
7. Gorified (Bangalore-Death/Grind) - Obliteration Quandary
8. Gruesome Malady (Bangalore-Goregrind) - Malodorous Ejaculation
9. In Human (Kolkata-Death/Thrash) - In Human Mortality
10. Plague Throat (Shillong-Brutal Death Metal) - Present Chaos
11. Barzak (Bangladesh-Black/Death Metal) - Gonsalves Er Roktosnan
12. Funeral In Heaven (Sri Lanka-Black Metal) - Malediction Of Veracity

Flyer & Artwork- Anish Bhattacharjee & Navneet Yadav

Putrid Ascendancy wants to extend its gratitude to participating band members for allowing their music to be distributed among the fans and supporters for free.. download and enjoy! Feedback/reviews would be absolutely appreciated!​.Ascendancy

P.S- This is for promotional purpose. Not for sale.
Support the True Underground!Support the bands.
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