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Crushing Death/Doom assault from San Diego, California, RUMINATIONS

Putrid Ascendancy unveils an in-depth Interview with members of Californian (San Diego) Death/Doom Act Ruminations.
The line up is - Carlos Gaitan a.k.a Arturo (Ex- Morbid Gods) on Drums, Jonathan Quintana on Bass and Lisa Lee (Ex- Morbid Gods) on Guitars.

Ruminations have just released their rehearsal demo tape that contains some of their new tracks of crushing swampy death metal with filthy overtone.

P.A: I just loved the demo songs! Sound very filthy, gloomy and crushingly heavy, though I would like to see a better mixing! I also loved the way you guys are sending the tapes to selected followers. It was all financed by you guys. So pretty admirable job guys!
Arturo: Thanks!

Thanks, I bought those tapes with my shitty fast food job.

Thanks a lot, And yea the mixing wasn't too good but that's just because it was rehearsal tape man.


P.A: For those who don’t know Ruminations, would you mind coming up with a brief introduction?
Johnny: Ruminations is an avante garde death/doom band, I guess that’s how most people describe us. but to be honest we are just playing music we would want to listen to! Not trying to rip off the bands we say are our influences!


PA. How Ruminations was formed?   

Lisa: Well this basically came to be out of a tour we were supposed to do,(me and arty) under Morbid Gods. But some financial problems came up with our bassist Nocturnal holocaust and he wasn't able to do the tour, so instead we decided put together another band out of the side projects arty and Johnny had been doing.

Johnny: Ruminations has dated back pretty far between me and Arturo doing small little death/doom type projects here and there

But most of it was mostly secondary cause we were focusing on our prior band Rotting Embodiment.

Arturo: what they said.


P.A: So Lisa and you were playing in Morbid Gods, One of my favourite Acts from California area,
you joined Morbid Gods much later in 2010 after leaving your first band, so how’s the journey so far?

Arturo: Pretty cool I guess, It’s a lot more comfortable to play with this band then it was with Rotting Embodiment, which was me, Johnny and Luis way back when.
With Morbid gods it got better cause we got more things done. As far as Ruminations goes I am much more proud of the musical integrity as opposed to Rotting Embodiment and Morbid Gods. It feels good to be writing the music.

Johnny: Really good trip homie!

Lisa: Been really good, we all get along.


P.A: How’s it been working with Lisa?

Arturo: Apart from having sex all the time it's been great, haha but seriously though, Lisa doesn't have a huge ego like most guitarist which is cool!!

Lisa: Arty and Johnny are really good musicians but they don't have tits so I get all the compliments after a show.. (chuckles)

No ego!


P.A: So how you guys came across Jonathan? Did his presence in the band change the direction of the music you and Lisa were taking?
Lisa: We found him outside of Walmart with his acoustic guitar and his shopping kart singing that gay wonderwall song (grins)

Arturo: I met him at school, and nah he hasn't changed it...

Well I’ve been around playing with arty in different projects for a long time, the musical direction has been crafted by him and I for quite some time..

So nothing has changed at all

P.A: This question goes to Lisa. What the reaction has been so far when people find out to their astonishment that the person behind those skull crushing guitar onslaught is a pretty looking girl? Any obsessive fan? 

Lisa: I only look good because Johnny and Arty's sexiness rubs off on me, I think it's Johnny's beard. Nah but I don't think most people really care, it definitely doesn't make any difference to my band mates, they didn't have me join as a gimmick, and there aren't any obsessive fans that I know of.

P.A: I think line up changes and member related hiatus or changing bands too often put a pause when they come to personal/band’s growth, do you agree?

Arturo: Not really, we've never had a problem with that.

Johnny: Yea I don't really think any of that has affected us to much, if anything it's made us stronger as a band.

Well it has happened to a lot of bands, but I would ultimately disagree.


P.A: How’s the scene in San Diego/California? Is it infected by trend virus like many other places?

Arturo: Yea there is no scene down here in San Diego, and the Los Angel’s bands are all posers. They don't care about the music.

There are not many real death metallers here at all, it’s mostly High school thrash kids then a few black thrashers that just want to get drunk all the time!

Johnny: Well I don't hate the LA scene or the Las Vegas scene but our local scene is complete crap, High School neo thrashers who don't have any musical integrity. But there are a couple acts (not limited to San Diego) I like Sadistic Slaughter, Draconis, Detest, Predatiorial, Spun In Darkness, Chainsaw Carnage etc...

P.A: What is your plan for future with Ruminations? Any goal/aim that you already set for the band?

Arturo: We plan to do a lot of releases, more shows and some more progression of the music.

Lisa: To have a really good album released and definitely do more shows with an actual good crowd who enjoys the music, because our local venues are shit.

ohnny: The general stuff. To get more releases, shows and perfect the Ruminations name and sound!


P.A: To my best of knowledge, you guys are still unsigned! So what kind of labels do you think Ruminations should sign to?

Arturo: Ones that get shit done, that's dedicated to actually getting music promoted and out there.

Lisa: Ones that don't take forever...ones that get shit done basically!

Johnny: Basically anybody who can promote us right.


P.A: What are main influences for Ruminations, musically?

Arturo: The Chasm, dISEMBOWELMENT, Molested, Disgorge(MEX), Undermoonlight sadness, Infester, Skepticism

Lisa: Candlemass ,Loss ,Absu(early), Soulside journey (Darkthrone), Worship, Evoken

Johnny: Pan.Thy.Monium, Traumatic Voyage, Nuclear Death, Thergothon, Amebix... Just general underground shit you know. Me arty and Lisa have been Into death metal, doom metal, black metal, thrash etc for a long fucking time so we could name drop all day. but truth is When we look at our influences we really don't take too much from them like most bands do. We want to do something fresh and new, we could just rip off Incantation or Autopsy or Nihilist like most bands do today but that's not our thing...


P.A: Where you guys rehearse? How many hours you guys jam per week?

Arturo: Well I practice with Lisa in my room all night long homie, Jon R. If your reading this me and Lisa have been jamming before you even knew

Lisa: Usually three days a week for like two hours.

Johnny: Read above, brutal huh... 


P.A: What’s your take on revival of old school death metal that is slowly becoming a trend for few people?

Arturo: Am kinda of split on it cause some of the bands are actually putting out decent material but for the most part it's just bands ripping off their influences like Johnny said.

Lisa: It's cool, people can do whatever they want. If it's good it's good if it sucks it sucks.

Johnny: I don’t know, some bands are alright but honestly who would you rather listen to? A band sucking Incantations dick or just Incantation themselves, with any trend all integrity and respect for an artform will die, but I really could care less as I am focusing on our thing you know. I don't care much for the labels "old school" or "underground".


P.A: What is the most constraining factor for Ruminations?

Arturo: Playing live because no one is really into the type of music we write, everyone wants aggression and speed and we really aren't slating that thirst. We like playing something a little deeper and more ominous so it's hard to get people into it.

Lisa: Finding a label that doesn't take forever to do a release. Possibly some sponsors so we could play where we would have a better crowd.

Johnny: Well we all have fucked up/lack of equipment so we always have to borrow a bands drums, amps and such when we play live.


P.A: Who is in charge of lyrics and composing?

Arturo: We all contribute!

Lisa: All of us.

Mostly arty but all of us contribute.


P.A: I am in love with the logo. Who created it?

Arturo: Drew.

Lisa: Drew drew it, Johnny and Arty wanted a logo inspired by the Mexican band Pyphomgertum so they asked Drew, that's how it happened.

Johnny: Nocturnal Holocaust from the ‘now disbanded’ Morbid Gods, he is starting a new called Bestial Sodomy I think. Anxious to hear it!


P.A: We always have this fixation when it comes to asking other individuals about their top 5 albums. So do us this favour by letting us know about your personal favourites!
Arturo: The Chasm-From the lost years, Disgorge-Chronic Corpra Infest, Septic Flesh-Mystic places of dawn, dISEMBOWELMENT -Transcendence into the Peripheral, Arghoslent-Galloping through the battle ruins

Johnny: Nuclear Death-Carrion for the worm, Wicked Innocence-Anthropological Infestation, Cermonium-Into the autumn shadeTenebrarum-Altra Magia, Bloodsoaked-Frost Image

Lisa: Candlesmass-Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
, Carnage-Dark recollections, Absu-Barathrym Vitrol, Cenotaph-Gloomy reflections of our hidden sorrow, Covulse-World without god

P.A: Arturo, Lisa and Johnny, We, brothers in Putrid Ascendancy want to congratulate you all for the demo and thank you for your time,
we wholeheartedly wish Ruminations all the best in its future endeavour.. Hails!


Johnny: Haha, Thanks man.

Lisa: Thanks to you too.

Arturo: No problem, also if anyone would want a free demo message us or email us at our Facebook or email address.

                                                                                 demo rehearsal tapes

                                                  Ruminations - Leafs

                                                  Ruminations - Funeral Embers           

   Ruminations Rehearsal

San Diego, California

Lisa Lee-Guitars
Arturo(Carlos Gaitan)-Drums,Vocals,Pianos
Band Page 

Putrid Ascendancy wants to express its gratitude to the band for the interview and the demo tape. If you want a copy of Ruminations demo tape, Contact the members using facebook link posted above.
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