Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Review - Reflections Of Horror, Demo 2012, Exorcised (Serbia)

Band - Exorcised
Demo - Reflections Of Horror
Label - Self Released
Year - 18th April, 2012
Line Up - Daniel - Guitar, Željko - Vocals and Bass, Marin - Drums
Number Of Tracks - 4
Total Playing Time - 19:43 Minutes
Country - Ratkovo, Serbia
Contact - exorcisedband@gmail.com

Hailing from Serbia is my first review for Putrid Ascendancy! This young three piece seems to have a lot of potential as this demo is their first one. At first listen to "oppressed by unreal" the guitar tone is a a bit flat and could use more gain. The production overall is fair with the drums being a bit far back in the mix, sounding like they were recorded maybe with a room mic only. As far as production value I would give it a 4 of 10. The high hat is really loud and kinda washes out the entire band. The vocals are recorded well and sound pretty clean.

The overall playing of the band sounds very good and pretty tight. Something tells me they drag songs out a bit and could make them shorter, but otherwise are written well. The song structures seem to be pretty solid, and as I listen to the demo for the third time think it gets better as you get into it. Unholy awakening, the last song on the demo is my favorite of the four. The guitar riffs, although sounding a bit rough seem to transition well and are pretty fluid. The bass is almost non existent for the length of the demo. The drumming is excellent and very precise and the band seems to be in sync as a whole. The vocals really stand out on the recording, reminding me a lot of older Cadaver. I believe the best aspect of the demo is the vocal sound and style. 

These guys have a lot of potential considering this is their first attempt. Production aside they seem to be pretty proficient at playing good old school death metal and also at songwriting in general. They appear to have a new demo coming out soon which I am looking forward to hearing! I hope they stick around and get their production issues worked out because I think they have the ability to be a great band. 

Rating 3/5


Additional Note: if my reviews seem to be short I tend not to embellish when i review bands and would rather just give a straight up explanation of what I have heard!

Reviewed By - Jeff Fischer

Encyclopaedia Metallum - http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Exorcised/3540345248
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/ExorcisedOfficial
Putrid Ascendancy - http://www.facebook.com/groups/putridascendancy/

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