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Open The Crypt: : An Interview With The Mighty Finnish Death Metal Act -  KRYPTS



Krypts is an old school inspired death metal act from Finland, who have taken the extreme underground by storm. Their two groundbreaking releases, Open The Crypt(Demo, 2009) and KRYPTS(EP, 2011) thus far, have been heralded as the pioneering works of the NOSDM movement, resurrecting the morbid art laid by Mighty Finnish Acts like Demigod, Sentenced, Abhorrence, Adramelech, Convulse, Gorement to name a few. Putrid Ascendancy recently caught up with the band.

PA: Across countries, continents, pervading oceans, the love for extreme metal unites us
all. Greetings from Putrid Ascendancy.

Krypts: Ave, Putrid Ascendancy.

PA: We would love to know how Krypts came into being. What led to the formation, and subsequent survival of Krypts?

Krypts: It was some time after our previous band had dematerialized, that Otso and I thought its time to reanimate our plan of playing death metal. Ideas were changed, first songs created and not soon after Ville joined the group. We were dissapointed to our previous musical conjurations and wanted to create something darker and what would feel more like us - and Krypts was spawned. The reason why we're still standing, is because everything works well between the three of us. 


PA: As a band, what pioneering acts, have been the most influential to your sound? What has, and continues to shape Krypts’ abstruse take on death metal?

Krypts: Well many of the early Death Metal bands have influenced us, but the biggest are obviously the Finnish ones. Each of us have their favorite bands from black-, death- and doom metal, but we all share the interest in early Finnish bands. That's why the sound feels natural for us.

PA: What is the lyrical concept behind your esoteric take on death metal? What are a few recurring themes you have build your songs upon?

Krypts: Think there's more than one way to perceive lyrics, so will not share much light to the matter. Also my writing style is what it is, so the subjects are not that hard to figure out. The lyrical consent surround mainly on man's weakness before the unknown, death and horror - spiritual and material, true and fictional. Kinda similar to subjects of what H.P Lovecraft wrote and I can't deny his influence.  Each song is its own story and the concepts are highly one with the songwriting.

PA: 'Open the crypt' inundates everything in its path, intrepidly progressing from strength to next. A brilliant demo. We would like you to elaborate on the song writing, recording, reception, and the 'behind the scenes' aspects related to it.

Krypts: The real song writing process started in autumn 08, as Otso and I started to look what kind of riffs we already had. Most were completely reworked and earliest ones date back to 06. From that point on can't remember much, except that 'Open the Crypt' was created few weeks before we started the recording process and at first I didn't even want to put it to the demo. Otso is the master behind all of our recordings and at the time being he was still living with his parents, so everything except drums were recorded in his bedroom. Not much Ritual Magick were included...

 On the day when I came to record the bass, the plan was not to record anything else, but it all went so well that we thought to try vocals as well. In the end we had everything done except "Open the Crypt" because it was still missing some lyrics, so we took few beers and wrote the missing parts. Never could have expected such a good feedback! Still surprised how much people dig the release, even if for us it's just the first step.

PA: The probity of your music, your polemical stance on true extreme metal is
commendable. What makes you stay true to your roots?

Krypts: The sound, the riffs, the atmosphere...

PA: What in your opinion, are the strengths and weaknesses of Old school death metal? How do you overcome the weaknesses, if any?

Krypts: Can think only strengths when thinking bands around the early 90's, but nowadays some bands seem to forget what makes early Death Metal unique. It's as if they are trying to copy paste "old school death metal" with Sunlight distortion and cheap riffs.... For some we might as well fall into this copy category, but for me the creation process is something which comes from within and it's all that matters. The way to overcome that is by playing Death Metal - not "old school death metal"!

PA: What according to you, is symbolic of a perfect death metal record? What attributes does an album require, to come good in your opinion?

 Krypts: Perfect album is an entity where of course the music itself it what matters the most. Demigod's Slumber of Sullen Eyes is a great example. The cover art, lyrics and most importantly sound, atmosphere and riffs are one dark and twisted unity, making the release a whole. But the musical requirements for good death metal album vary and have no limits.

PA: Do you think heavy metal has a distinctive worldview different from that of other forms of music? Do you think the worldviews and ideologies of artists shape the kind of music they produce?

 Krypts: As metal has grown global and commercial no, there are no specific values or worldviews. In underground this is a slightly different thing though, because people at least share the noncommercial basis. Also some band's have been formed around a specific ideology what most do not agree with, be it a religious or political. Surely artists own personality and ideologies are drawn into their work, willingly or unwillingly, and usually the works where the personality is present are the greatest ones.

PA: There are so many different variations of "metal" that incorporate completely
different types of music, some of them lose base with the "traditional" styles. Extrication and subversion of hybrid genres like core, djent and the like have come to be an essential part of the new wave of old school death metal ideology. What is your take on the hybrid genres currently sucking the life out of the music we worship?

Krypts: They are good humour. Just look at the music videos the Core bands etc. produce (and they do make lot of 'em!), haha! Can't believe they're serious and can never take them as one.

PA: Of the last ten years of metal, what are the standouts for you? What about other genres -- what were the most influential and best works?

Krypts: Runemagick has released their latest and best three full-lengths, Reverend Bizarre's whole discography, Let us Pray and Witchcult today by Electric Wizard and The Devil's Blood have spawned many really great and influential releases. Not to forget the reunion of Pagan Altar. The list could go on and on, but for the past year the most influential records have come outside metal, mainly from artists under Anima Arctica label.

PA: What NOSDM (Post-2000) bands would you recommend to the old guard of the
genre? Which new acts in your opinion, are worthy enough to carry forward, the torch of extreme metal, to spread forth the insurgence and bring forth the revival of the genre?

Krypts: There are so many bands coming and going that don't really have time or intrest to check them, so to this question you propably know the answer better than I do. Just to name some: The Finnish brethen Stench of Decay & Swallowed, in Uppsala - Sweden there seems to be life of its own, in UK: Cruciamentum & Nethilith, Anatomia and French Manipulator (highly recommend his new release) are just few.

PA: India, although in limitation, has build up a small, yet dedicated underground, catering to and for the survival of extreme metal in and around the subcontinent. Krypts has managed to build up a niche fanbase in the Indian underground, with many considering it to one of the pioneers of the death metal revival. What can we expect from Krypts in the foreseeable future?

Krypts: Its great, yet in a way strange, to see such strong support to underground from India. The scene there seems to be really dedicated indeed! But pioneers? Hah! Can't really relate to that - still a deep bow for those who see as one....  For know we are recording our debut entitled "Unending Degradation". Most of the instruments have been captured, arts are being made by Timo Ketola / Samu S. and hopefully it'll see its birth around summer solstice. It will feature 3 songs from the demo and 4 new ones, a combination of our old and new, even doomier stuff.  Already have and idea what shall emerge after it, but how it will manifest will left to be seen...

PA: As a tradition, we at Putrid Ascendancy have always put forth a question demanding our interviewee to reveal their top 5 album of all time.

Krypts: Impossible question. Otso and I try to look into it with a perspective of albums what are someting unique. In no order:
A: Reverend Bizarre - In Recrytory of Bizarre Reverend
A & O: Slumber of Sullen Eyes, Shadows of the Past, Nesphite (impossible to decide wich one of these is the best)
O: Candlemass - Epicus...
O: Many Black Sabbath albums
O: Amorphis - Early releases
A: diSEMBOWELMENT - Transcendence Into the Peripheral

That's six but we shared one.

PA: Thank you for this interview! We brothers at Putrid Ascendancy appreciate your efforts for the furtherance of the vicious seeds of extreme metal!

Krypts: Thank you for your words and support!


Helsinki, Finland.
Genre - Death Metal.


Antti Kotiranta
Otso Ukkonen
Ville Snicker

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Interview Conducted By Arka Saha.

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