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REVIEW : Pits Of Eternal Torment - MORBIDITY (BD)

Demo – Pits Of Eternal Torment
Artist/Band – Morbidity
Country – Dhaka, Bangladesh
Date Of Release – 10th April, 2012
Label – Imperium Productions(Germany)
Number Of Tracks – 4
Total Playing Time – 11 Minutes 26 Seconds
Line Up – Defiler – Vocals, Sethos – Bass, Skorcher – Guitars, Azerate – Guitars, Israfel – Drums, Infidel - Lyrics/Management

A couple of weeks ago, I had an opportunity to contact Tamzid Hossain/Defiler, the vocalist/frontman of Bangladeshi Death Metal Act Morbidity, to obtain a copy of their demo, entitled - "Pits Of Eternal Torment". These guys practice the very primitive style of pure death metal, deeply rooted to its ancestors, very traditional and it is certainly an acquired taste. Not everyone can relish and savour the ancient art of decayed metal of death unless and until they already have a substantially good listening background. This demo is the debut effort from the band to establish themselves in the extreme metal underground as a band of substance.
‘Pits Of Eternal Torment’ was released on 10th April, 2012. It was made available in cassette by Imperium Productions (Germany) that had already released records of established acts like Coffins, Deathevokation, Sonne Adam and Invidious. This demo contains 4 tracks and is 11 minutes 26 seconds long.
Demo starts off with the a track entitled – ‘Morbidity’, the song explodes into ferocious blasts and very traditional guttural vocals, in vein of Kam Lee, just after a small catchy intricate intro passage. Riffing is artful and lead work is very proportionate and well balanced! In the end, you might end up getting a vibe of Kaamos, altogether. It’ also perfect when it comes to the degree of rawness of production, though you can decipher everything at the same time, without compromising on its filthiness! Guitar tones are as crushing as you can get, no wonder they often coin their sound as ‘Skullcrushing Death Metal’.
Track two is named – ‘Let There Be Chaos’. This song has got some of the most infectious riffs that refuse to go out of your head long after you turned it off. Great lead structure, perfectly balanced drums that is brutal at the same time being organic, Vocals are straight out traditional gutturals, extremely well-executed by Defiler.
And then comes the 3rd song – ‘Pits Of Eternal Torment’ and I must tell you, friends, there is nothing as beautiful and artful I have heard in some times. It is a masterpiece. Structure is very simple though, the song bursts in with a mind-numbing opening riff, sounds very associated with early Finnish scene, Captivating and extremely infectious, as the song continues it unfolds the magnificent song-writing skill and charismatic guitar work. Everything meticulously blended into something that can last the test of time. That’s the true triumph of a band!!
The 4th track is a cover. A live footage of Nunslaughter’s ‘Killed By The Cross’ performed and recorded during 'Death Skull Ritual' Festival in Dhaka organized by ‘Primitive Invocation’ – An extreme metal cult from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Perfectly covered and what I like about it is that you can actually hear crowd responding to it and cheering them all along. Crowd seem to love Morbidity. 

In a vast sea of new wave bands, trying to recreate Death Metal sound of early 90s or late 80s, Morbidity separate themselves from the rest by maintaining their root deeply planted in the heritage of east, Bengal and its shadowed era of tribulation and arts. If you listen to the title track of the demo, you will understand this well. Primarily influenced by the Swedish scene and rest of the Scandinavian extreme scene too, may be also a little dash of old American scene, Morbidity in a nutshell is Death Metal in its simple but excellent expression, have kept its individualistic essence that shows us who they are and where they are from! It’s artistic, highly engrossing and robust. The demo artwork is sheer example of band's vision of macabre artistry. Pits Of Eternal Torment is definitely a successful demo for its originality, sheer virtuosity and preservation of ancient dark arts, and does keep our interest intact on the band for upcoming EP/LP. Defiler have already mentioned that Morbidity would be soon hitting the studio for next record to be released under Me Saco Un Ojo Records(UK). We, brothers, from Putrid Ascendancy wish Morbidity a great success in all of their future endeavours.  
For those who crave for new bands that capture the old spirit of ancient death, that have distinct ideologies and individuality, Morbidity would be highly recommended!

Track Titles

       1.  Morbidity – 3:45 
       2. Let There Be Chaos – 2:39
       3. Pits Of Eternal Torment -3:15
       4.  Killed By The Cross (Nunslaughter) -1:47

Rating – 4/5

Reviewed by – Putrid Ascendancy & Oscar Griffin

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