Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teutonic Tsunami at Ritual Ascension Fest: ARMAMENT

Want to die at pit of Teutonic Thrash? Then, dont miss this chance. Armament, Kolkata based Thrash outfit heavily influenced by German scene have vowed to destroy those who live for true fucking thrash at Ritual Ascension Fest on 4th August, 2011 to be held at local pub The Basement, Hotel Samilton. The band will play alongside other city true metal acts like Mortar, Dead Veneration, Purgation and Necrodeity. Be there and get annihilated.
Arka Saha briefly interviewed the band on eve on RAF to know about this upcoming Teutonic Tsunami to hit Kolkata on this 4th August!  

PA: Hails from the annihilating domicile of comradeship. How can we be enlightened about Armament and it's growth?

Armament: Well… Armament as an extreme metal band has always had an approach of gaining the Early European thrash metal sound. Being full fledgedly involved into construction of tight sound and ground breaking amplifications, we find ourselves completely devoted to the raw and aggressive musicality that is generated through our sheer passion. We started off with a very modest idea of creating the music of our choice with Soubhik on the guitars Sharan on the drums and myself, Indranil on the vocals. It was not long before Rohan joined the band on guitars as well and that’s the point of time we really took off with our compositions and were able to think of taking Thrash into the next level in this city. Unfortunately in due course of time our drummer coudnt continue and with the right amount of patience and the introduction of Sayan(on the bass) and of course our youngest member Ayan(on the drums)… today we stand as the full lineup of Armament.

PA: Some words about Putrid Ascendancy. How much is Armament moved by Cult of Putrid Ascendancy?

Armament: As we have said earlier that we started off with a very modest approach of creating the sound of our liking. But with the presence of PA it is very heart warming to see more people having the same ideologies and interest in the form of music that we have craved for in the past years. It has been very gutsy of these people to stand up and voice their “demands” from a city which has remained dormant for a long time when it comes to the Metal Scene. Its an honour and privilege to be performing in such an event alongside other old school metal acts. Glad to be a part of it.

PA: So we have Armament featured in the line up of "Ritual Ascension"- The first ever true metal gig in Kolkata. Tell us about your expectations and the willingness to provide your fans and supporters with some kick ass thrash metal.

Armament: We truely feel that the no. of followers of Old School Music are increasing each day. So we would definitely expect people to come to this gig even out of curiosity. As for the other people who are attending the Gig. Its time that you choose between good, bad and Evil. As for the fans- Armament would doing a few originals and at the same time paying a tribute to the Beasts of European Thrash metal that has inspired us to be what we are today as a band. Prepare to get Sodomized!!

PA: What exactly are the reasons behind the downfall of True metal dictatorship in Kolkata?

Armament: To be very honest we never found this city having a concrete metal scene ever. Although we have seen bands doing good music at times but they seemed to have fizzled out due to the fact that it was underground music. Somewhere we feel that the motivation was lacking to persist with the sound that we all as metalheads have been influenced from. Moreover there has not been a “proper exposure” of Old School Metal in the city. In search of being too technical people have seemed to lose the essence and true spirit of metal.

PA: What are the methodical influences of Armament? Tell us more about the sound you guys are working with.

Armament: We would like to admit that Armament has a diverse line up, especially because all of us individually have “almost” different musical influences as well as we differ in terms of growing up listening to different kinds of music, yet we share the likeness in listening to the Old School music that we treasure.

PA: What is Armament's take on the futile group of people that are blemishing the true essence of metal?

Armament: We think that people have got a very wrong idea about the term “Metal” projected in their minds. Being vastly influenced from the 80’s metal scene of Europe n U.S. we have always tried to relate Metal with our lives and not just creating music. We need to understand the reason for creating the music that we do. That is the point of time we are able to potray the true message of Metal to the society.

PA: What as fans do we expect from Armament in the upcoming Ritual Ascension Fest?

Armament: Well…this is Our Fort….Prepare to defend our Land that is the Old School Society. And also maybe, expect to return home battered and bruised cause We want a hell of a “show” from the audience to complete the Ritual of Unholy Thrash!!

PA: Leave us with a message for your supporters and the creed of Putrid Ascendancy.

Armament: This is Armament and You all are the Warriors…Choose your weapons wisely…\m/

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