Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Unveiling Line Up Further: Dead Veneration At Ritual Ascension Fest

Unveiling the line-up further! The band with unknown members, Dead Veneration. Mysteriously hidden identities! DV will be playing their debut gig and at the same time people will get to know the real personalities behind their pseudo-names. Also you will be treated with Death Metal with an undertone of groove and melody. Arka Saha contacted Dead Veneration on this eve of Ritual Ascension to figure out what we must anticipate from them in PA congregation.  

PA: Hails from the cult of Putrid Ascendancy. In your words, what does Dead Veneration stand for?

DV: First of all, thanks to Putrid Ascendancy for letting us be a part of the Ritual Ascension Fest. Ancestor worship is predominant in India among Hindus. In India, when a person dies, the family observes a ten-day mourning period, generally called shraddha. There is a belief that it is fortunate to revere the roots where we have descended from. Likewise, we focus on the roots from which death metal originated and preserve the primitive taste of the genre adding to it flavours/elements from our own country. Dead Veneration, thus, stands for the worshipping of the true nature of Death Metal which is now becoming extinct, atleast in India.

PA: Tell us about the origins of the band, its initiation, growth, and furtherance. What sparked of the sinister idea, that has now resulted in the abomination that is Dead Veneration?

DV: Dead Veneration was not formed overnight just for the sake of forming a band. Previously, in the year of 2010, the two guitarists of the band, being tired of the commercial and psuedo-metal scene prevalent in the city then, decided to break the shackles and produce something that would take them closer to the roots of the death metal genre. But they did not have the resources and members to form a death metal project then. After a long wait of about one year the duo found a like-minded musicians who readily accepted their proposal of the yet unnamed project. And thus came into existence the entity that is Dead Veneration. 

PA: Reveal the indomitable source of influences that shape up your death metal assault. What are a few non musical influences that further molded your music to its present day form?

DV: Musically, Dead Veneration is influenced a lot by Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Gorefest etc and also contemporary Indian band/projects-Dhwesha and Aghor Andhakar. The four members of Dead Veneration are from different musical backgrounds but whatever may it be, when the four unite the unique sound of Dead Veneration is produced. Dark, decrepit, deranged, intricate, enigmatic thoughts of the different human-minds are the non-musical influences that has moulded the sound of Dead Veneration into its present form.

PA: The cult of Putrid Ascendancy has by large, initiated an underground insurgency, that seeks to unleash the morbid concomitants of old school extreme metal ideologies In order to root out parasites feeding on the genre we so revere. How have you come to be a part of this movement? What do you think will be its outcome?

DV: The members of Dead Veneration were involved in the cult of Putrid Ascendancy from the beginning of its existence. Following natural hierarchy, they have been part of this underground movement to eradicate false metal and posers/parasites who have no clue of what is metal and what's not. A positive change has already been struck in the city as far as we see it. Metalheads are listening to more real metal than before rather than spending time in listening to crap. So a positive outcome is expected. Though it is only the beginning. Let's see what the future holds.

PA: Come Ritual Ascension, what can the followers of death expect to be rained down upon them from Dead Veneration?

DV: And yet again the fragile mankind will tremble and fall on it's knees and for the true follwers of death metal it will be a treat for them and also for us to play for them. There WILL be Ascension of Putridity.

PA: Ritual Ascension, the first ever of its kind in eastern India, is a massive initiative by the cult, sponsoring an entire event solely for the furtherance of extreme metal in the pestilence stricken city of Kolkata. What are your expectations from the gig?

DV: "Ascending Putrid Endeavour" is the laid down objective of the Ritual Ascension Fest and we expect just that. And if any poser lands there by any chance, boy-oh-boy is he gonna receive some thrash-death assault!

PA: Leave us with a message for your fans. Ave!

DV: Keep the spirit of true & primitive Death Metal alive! Hails!

Reverbnation : http://www.reverbnation.com/deadveneration

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