Thursday, August 16, 2012

THRASH ATTACK: The Thrash Compilation by Putrid Ascendancy

Putrid Ascendancy compiles some of the face-melting, extravagant, poser-ripping Thrash songs.
Download and have a great motherfucking playlist!
Let posers bleed!

Track List

Assassin- Abstract War.
Believer- Sanity obscure.
Coroner- Spiral Dream. 
Deathrow- Riders Of Doom.
Devastation- Deliver The Suffering.
Exumer- Possessed By Fire. 
Forbidden-Chalice Of Blood. 
Forced Entry- We're Dicks.
Gammacide- Fossilized.
Mezzrow- Then Came The Killing. 
Nuclear Assault- Critical Mass. 
Onslaught- Thrash Til The Death.
Protector- Thy Will  Be Done. 
Razor- Edge Of The Razor. 
Sabbat- A cautionary Tale. 
Sacrifice-Warrior of Death. 
Skeletal Earth- Generations of The Lame.
Slaughter-Disintegrator\ Incinerator.
Tankard- Screaming Victims.
Vi-olence- Officer Nice. 
Wermacht- Napalm Shower. 
Whiplash- Spit on your grave. 

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