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Genocide Shrines (Sri Lanka) - Devanation Monumentemples (EP) Review

Band -Genocide Shrines
Release -  Devanation Monumentemples
Type - EP
Label - Cyclopean Eye Productions
Origin - Colombo, Sri Lanka
Date of Release -  July 7th, 2012
Number of Tracks - 7
Total Playing Time - 19:46

Sri Lanka, a land shrouded by political warfare, oppression and inter-racial hatred would be ideal breeding grounds for the birth of bands following similar lyrical themes and a similar approach to their music. However, Genocide Shrines, hailing from the capital city of Colombo, have little but no hints of such influences in their music or lyrics and pursue a much darker and more primitive approach to their music, the other sides of primordial Sri Lankan ancestry and the wages of muted grudge manifested for defeated eternities, from fearsome and heroic Ravanakult and all of their blasphemous vomits are compiled to give birth to their monstrous debut EP ‘Devanation Monumentemples'.

Furious, ritualistic Black/Death Metal spat out with tantric animosity and unearthly desires, an apotheosis of the mighty king whom even Lord Shiva praised and adored, who once ruled the land and his terror is still unforgotten, Genocide Shrines, comprising of Tridenterroccult, BlasphemousWarGoat, NarkotikPerversor and Khaoshiva, perform a unique blend of black metal and death metal with earnest emphasis on providing total chaos. Heavily distorted razor-like riffs, steam-rolling drums, sinister bass-lines and atrocious vocals, that would recreate a sense of getting drowned in a primal sea of black chaos. The vocals appear like the incoming turbulent waves on the shore, ravaging, sometimes dominant, some absolutely tidal but never submissive. Deep Gutturals are superbly complemented with those blood-chilling echoed and highly reverbed shrieks creating a multidimensional and aural sonic landscape. The production is an added bonus as all the instruments are audible while managing to sound “raw” at the same time which trust me is not an easy task to perform. Like, if you listen to similar releases in past, one of the remarkable releases has been 'Seven Chalices' by Teitanblood of Spain. That album created an absolutely terrifying sonic impression. Almost flawless record in every account except the drums in the mix, which was too buried under the guitar distortions and vocals. But in this case of 'Devanation Monumentemples" the drums are perfectly mixed, giving the riffs enough support and structures.

The addition of an intro, interlude and an outro(Each called a Pillar) add a better dimension to this EP and enhances the listening experience. Personally I loved the 'Submission' Pillar II, which somehow sounded like a clipping from a movie but it definitely added a kind of contrast or juxtaposition to the music. Even though all the tracks here are stellar, ‘Nectars of Tantric Murder’ and ‘Apparitions of Spiritual Obliteration’ stand out from the rest, in my opinion, And if you want to sample pure black flame of chaos of Lord Shiva, you must check out Shivatandavaiolence, which would slowly evolve into true fucking terrifying state of tandava after 1:55 minutes. The end riff of ‘Apparitions of Spiritual Obliteration’ is as memorable and deadly as the infamously infectious  'In the Grip of Winter' riff of Autopsy from Mental Funeral.

Lyrically the band had done really appropriate  to their absolutely indoctrinating theme and penchant for spiritual warfare. Deeply rooted in eastern esoteric darkness, Genocide Shrines penned some of the most  provocative, igniting and liberating war poetry that would not hesitate a bit to glorify  death, chaos, holocaustic wrath and apocalypse, very much like they already said before, 'In his(Raavan) name, We desecrate'.

Genocide Shrines have carved out a perfect sound of their own with their below-20 minute EP and I have to say that ‘Devanation Monumentemples’ is becoming one of my favorite EP’s the more I listen to it. Putrid Ascendancy already mentioned of this EP in its list of 2012's best releases and do consider Genocide Shrines are the best break-through band of 2012.
A very special mention goes ‘Cyclopean Eye Productions’, an Indian Record Label with eyes set on true talents in the underground, for signing this very talented group of musicians and giving them the right opportunity, promotion and platform. I am sure it would be a great feeling for the label now seeing their debut release making it to list of "Best of 2012", internationally.

Genocide Shrines's work in this EP could be compared to the western standards set by prolific acts like Archgoat, Proclamation or Teitanblood. With endless of blessings from Raavan, Genocide Shrines are surely here to annihilate with no mercy and could be depended upon to produce more captivating violent slabs of occult Death Metal in the future and what I just heard is that they are already on their first full length that would be released in coming months for mass obliteration.
This solid, mature and aggressive release from these Sri Lankan blasphemers should not be missed by metal maniacs out there who worship true bestial black metal or old school death metal.


Desecrator/Joseph Stephenson 

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