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REVIEW : Dying Embrace - Era of Tribulation (India)

Title - Era of Tribulation
Type - Compilation
Country - India
Label - Armee de la Mort Records
Date of Release - December 26th, 2012
Number of Tracks - 14
Total Playing Time -  52:43


Misanthrope 7"EP
1. Blood Rites   02:46
2. Cromlech Of Hate  03:54 

Grotesque Tape EP
3. The Passing Away  04:03
4. Grotesque Entity   05:02
5. Oremus Diabolum   05:39 
'Serenades Of Depravity' Mini Album  
6. As Eternity Fades  03:22
7. Spawn Of The Depths 03:06
8. Dagda - His Time Has Come 02:46
9. D.T's (Instrumental) 02:58
10. Degeneration  03:09
11. Elegy For The Damned (Outro)  01:18
'Dying Embrace' Demo
12. The Passing Away  04:07
13. Grotesque Entity  05:04
14. Oremus Diabolum  05:29
"Beneath the Swamp, Victim of Zealot Rage
Remains of Sorcerer from a dark, distant Age
Buried for Centuries deep beneath the Sand
Lightning now strikes the unconsecrated Land"
The buried Ancestral curse , suspended perversity and an epitaph of grotesque past.. The Era Of Tribulation!

Veteran Doom/Death Legions of India, DYING EMBRACE's Discography/Compilation CD regurgitates the anatomical existence of this monstrous entity, lurking in the dark underground for nearly two decades, rejecting everything mainstream, denying to bring forth any changes in what they believe in or what they like to play and provoking the charm of true flame of underground music among maniacs. DYING EMBRACE was initially formed as MISANTHROPE as early as in 1991, heavily doused in musical influences from likes of Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Autopsy, Paradise Lost etc. Later the band changed its moniker to DYING EMBRACE after departure of the former vocalist. This Compilation is the testimony or showcase of this legendary band's work of art buried under the grave of time. 

Era of Tribulation conjures up the tracks from 'Misanthrope' EP, 'Grotesque Tape' EP, 'Serenades of Depravity' MCD and 'Dying Embrace' Demo, a myriad of morbid tunes collected through out the entire career of the band. Bearing the sensibilities of blues and classic heavy metal, DYING EMBRACE's music is filthy, aural, diabolic and almost hypnotic. Blending the elements of doom spew forth the eerie, spectral and enthralling qualities. The riffs are crafted as if they are like revenants witnessing the horror in a dark alley. JIMMY PALKHIVALA, A legend in every right, needs no introduction in the underground. A maestro that he is, can evoke the most bizarre and captivating sense with every riff he writes. For example, 'Blood Rites', from 'Misanthrope' EP, would take you to an alternate state of mind, subtle, stark and gruesome. The songs are written considering the extreme fluidity and emotions. Nothing seems like they are forced upon. Everything flows like a stream producing swarming emotions and titillating our dark psyche. Listen to songs like 'Grotesque Entity' or 'Oremus Diabolum', or say 'Cromolech of Hate' to realize  the band's impeccable standard in song writing. Riffs are provocative,  sensual and like a razor it cuts you deep. Where the lead works would again rejuvenate and reconstruct you into your mortal form. Vocals, the less said, the better it is, Trademark vomits by VIKRAM BHAT. Uniquely textured, ugly to its core, gruesome gutturals that you really never heard before, absolutely inhumane and creature-like . And you know what, there is no effect involved here as he sounds equally gruesome and savage live, I was going through the lyrics and to my astonishment I found, he utters ever single word of the lyrics yet maintains that ghastly growls that can scare the shit out of you. Check out songs like 'Dagda - His Time Has Come' or 'Degeneration', from 'Serenades of Depravity' MCD to witness some of the best vocal productions ever. A regurgitation of phlegm infested eternity, That's how I would describe Vikram's unique singing style that sits perfectly on the doom laden riffs master crafted by Jimmy. DANIEL MARC DAVID's thick, unpredictable, filling drum line provides a perfect skeleton to each songs, not too overwhelming, just perfectly weighed. It reminds me a lot like Reifert Vibe going on, specially on the tracks like 'Blood Rites' or 'As Eternity Fades'. Bass work by JAI KUMAR does everything required for all the songs, heaviness, eeriness atmosphere and some goosebumps. 'Oremus Diabolum' sounds crushing, heavy and absolutely spooky. Its like Sabbath meeting Winter or Autopsy. Lyrically DYING EMBRACE reflects on darker aspects and themes, occult, mythologies, suffering or sorrow, suspended trauma of mankind. Excellent lyrics, not only give perfect message to scream about to the audience but also showcase the poet within. DYING EMBRACE surely summons a morbid imagery and offers great lyrical arena that absolutely befits such heavy music. And the artwork, which in one word, is sick. It is done by artisan of death, Zizi Amri and does every justice to the musical materials and the ERA OF TRIBULATION Shirts. This is an incredibly coveted  ARMEE DE LA MORT RECORDS release, run by SHAXUL of MANZER(France) who also runs LEGION OF DEATH  RECORDS. SHAXUL left no stone unturned with this release, from in lay work, which he designed himself, the jewel box to the paper which looks very chic, vintage and is expensive. Everything is fantastic.
 This is 'The' perfect discovery, flawless in every aspect. Every song has stood the test of time. Steeped in nostalgia and old world charm, DYING EMBRACE's ERA OF TRIBULATION  is 'The' Triumph of Death and a 'must have' possession for any self respecting Metalhead and everyone who values arts and believes in purchasing original music. This is one serious piece of art from the dark abyss from a band that kept the flag of Indian Metal flying high in International Underground.
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